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freebieOver the next couple of weeks I’m going to outline 2 classes, make a power point presentation and get ready for my first (and hopefully not only) teaching gig at BERNINA University. A side note I made Jeanne Delpit (from BERNINA) laugh by telling her I practice what I’m going to say while on my drive from home to work. I do! I practice and think about what I’m going to say for months before going to a teaching gig, speaking gig. I think and think and think!
I think!
I might have music playing in the background, but the worlds swirl and swoop through my head reminding me of why I use this or that or what the important point is in this component of the presentation.
While I’m a total GenQ novice I think and think and think about what I’m going to write and post. I’m so grateful for editors and formatting on the magazine!tomato beginnings

Sometimes some really cool ideas come from this 40-60 minute commute. Note: it’s about 20 miles to work, this is New York City. This thinking often keeps me from getting testy and commenting vehemently on the *ahem* driving habits of others.

today’s thinking is a result of weeks and weeks of trying to think about something I’ve wanted to do for a long time

A 3 or 5 day quilting class, a retreat style class.

This is a combination of “Go Mini or Go Home” and, “Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting”, and  “Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy & Free”. I don’t quite know what to call it yet, that will come. I have a place that I’m going to submit (once I get the name together). If you have thoughts on a name please feel free to let me know.

remembranceMy sweetie does the gardening around this place, both inside and out. He does an amazing job. I’m so grateful that he finds great joy in doing this because I LOVE our yards. A few weeks ago my sweetie rescued the top left plant from a garden center – it was a freebie – sitting in front of a storage shed. The folks from the garden center thought it wouldn’t survive. This is the 2nd time we’ve come home with a plant of some sort from this garden center that my sweetie has nurtured back to health.  This one he’s still on the fence about this one but I have great hope. He’s also getting tomatoes already and the tomato plant is really little, it’s called Tiny Tim or something like that. I want to get some pictures soon.

I’m off to the studio to do some serious stitching, idea discovering, and pattern writing.
Just remembered I have to edit a pattern. Whew!

Happy quilting!



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