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quilting rules!

minnesota quilt sho studentAt the Minnesota Quilt Show in Go Mini or Go Home one of my student showed me her quilt in Karen McTavish’s new book Mastering the Art of McTavishing 2nd Edition.  How cool is that?! The quilt is beautiful.  PS I perused Karen’s book, it’s a must have!
One of the things I loved about her is that she’s a hard core leftie. And I do mean leftie. Leftie like my friend Gio.
It’s hard being leftie in a right hand world. It’s exactly like being an introvert in an extrovert world.  And I may, or may not, have some experience with the introvert bit.binding by machine corner quarter inch foot

I love, love, love the BERNINA Patchwork Foot.
I love the flexibility that it offers.
So I had “Mary” not her real name change things up a bit while she worked on her lone star. I had her move over to the left so she sighted the left side of the foot; then had Mary stitch from that side of the foot with her quilt top on the inside of the harp.
Since slowing down is a huge part of the class this did slower her down, a bit. Mary kept going and going. The quarter inch and the patchwork making sense to her.
And yes, I occasionally stitch patchwork from using the left side of the foot as my guide.
I like to see what my students see or more to the point what they need to see or feel (rotary cutter/ruler or doodling).

Sometimes if I’m not getting something in the quilting realm I try things differently.
How do you try to mix things up so they make sense to you?

happy quilting!



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