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Feeding Artists

John Cardin 4So

I really admire this artist

he’s a fabric dyer John Cardin 5


I love his fabrics.

Every time he posts something on facebook there is an immediate creative response.
Oh I can see quilting on these. Deep browns, blacks, rusts and purples

oranges yellows

pink – maybe I’ll just have to wait and see

Oh my!

Oh do I ever love his creativity and the joy that comes through in his work

and listens

John listens

ajohn cardin 3nd

Just Wow.

He asked me about color

I gave him a feeling
An idea


He nailed it!

I love orange an purple together

a hint of green

and wow

here’s what arrived at my door this afternoon.

John Cardin 2four simply amazing pieces of hand dyed fabric that just had me speechless.

I’m inspired.

It’s time to go quilt.

happy quilting!



4 thoughts on “Feeding Artists”

  1. I think that wonderful orange thread you got at the Bernina University would work very well indeed with this fabulous fabric. I look forward to seeing what you do with this. 😀


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