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Olde City Quilts and the Q24

HP and Judy
HP Ueltschi with Judy Engime at Olde City Quilts
Olde City Quilts Therese Canfield
BERNINA District D Manager Therese Canfield
Barb Persing at Olde City Quilts
Barbara Persing listening to HP talk about BERNINA

I left home at  7 AM to drive to Olde City Quilts for the debut of the BERNINA Q24 longarm at the shop. I’m smitten with this long arm. I’ve flirted with longarm machines over the years trying this one and that. I’ve carefully considered the pros and cons of each one. Ultimately the problem with any longarm is that I don’t have the space for them.
Fast forward several companies have longarm machines on tables aka sit down longarms. Again I’ve flirted with them. I like them a lot. Something wasn’t quite right. Couldn’t quite put my ear on it. Hmm what was it? Why am I so smitten with the new BERNINA machines?

It’s the sound.

That’s right. It’s the sound. The BERNINA sounds right.

It feels right too. Barbara Persing helped find the right mode for me to work in and off I went. The Q24 has 4 modes: BSR 1, BSR 2, BSR 3 and Manual Mode. BSR 3 is for basting. In Manual Mode I felt the most comfortable.

Lisa Calle OCQ event
with BERNINA Ambassador Lisa Calle
Olde City with Linda Hahn
with BERNINA Ambassador Linda Hahn

The sound is right, did I mention that? Lisa Calle and I both said that? It SOUNDS right. There may have been some school girl squealing involved in that statement. Then there’s the bobbin winder so fast and the thread path. Oh dearie me!
Yes, yes I am a BERNINA girl – my shirt was almost that color.
Up in a few days more on the whole cloth challenge. Rumor has it there are new rulers to play with. I’ve used Angela’s Ruler and love it so I’m looking forward to using Lisa’s Rulers. Lisa and I will blog on the same day (just need to coordinate that).
I’m off to do some blogging for Gen Q and laundry for a quick trip to see family this weekend.

Happy Quilting!






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  1. Dear Teri, My Sis and I want to take your free motion class on Sunday at the road to California. Can’t figure out how to get both of us registered together. We live in different states and we are trying to get together for the show. I tried calling the number on the website and just got a message. I want to register both of us so we can take the class together. Thanks for your help. Janet

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