Quilt Market has something of a frenetic pace. Places to go. People to see. Meals to eat with people you get to see once, maybe twice a year. Leading up to Market there are things going on behind the scenes that have us all arriving tired, wanting to make sure all the eyes are dotted and the tees are crossed. Is everything packed? Will the copies of the magazine arrive in time. Will we have enough? And the ever popular, will people like the products that we have to put out there.

Then we get there, one by one, sometimes in groups, on-time, late, early, snoozing. or making one last check of a presentation that is the last thing that needs to happen. And then it all falls into place.
photo_20161030_180753Melissa Thompson Maher, Editor-in-Chief and Tracy Mooney, Senior Editor of Generation Q Magazine with the after Market glow – a mixture of tired and inspired. We were at the airport having dinner, and talking about the things that excited us. We’ll be sharing on the blog and in our newsletter Stashed! over the next little bit.





I had a meeting with the every lovely Melanie Testa! Melanie and Carol Soderlund have a new book coming out later this year. As soon as I get the details I’ll be sharing more about that. She showed me quilts, as the Community Editor I’m really excited about what I’m seeing here. Melanie was putting all of her quilts back into the carry-on and demonstrated the best technique for making this work.


I visited the BERNINA booth to check out the new BERNINA 700 Embroidery machine. Oh my goodness! it’s a beautiful machine. I love that technology is helping us to do the work we’ve always wanted to do. The B 700 gives so very many options and over time the technology will be moving up the line. It’ll take a little while for BERNINA to make this happen as there is a lot of testing behind the scenes to make sure this is right.


I got these pins from BERNINA. I love the stylized scissors. I think they may actually be tailoring scissors of some type. If you know…please let me know.

Perusing blogs this morning Quilt Shop Gal shared the video Lisa Calle and I made a few years ago. BERNINA now has a ruler foot for the home sewing machine. Check out this video:

The foot should be in shops soon.

On Friday afternoon I had a chat with Cheryl Sleboda. I can not thank her enough for her generosity and her time. Over the next few weeks I will be making a few changes to the website, the first is a simple change in tagline “Creating Confident Quilters one Stitch at a Time”.  Taking one stitch at a time is how I learned confidence in quilting and I love passing that onto you, my student and my friends. I’m also taking a very hard look at my class descriptions and a few other things. I’m looking forward to sharing and showing more.

I’ll be at Pinwheels and Friends Friday November 11th to teach Doodling Your way to Better Quilting. Doodling helped me become much more confident in free motion machine quilting. During the class we work with our dominant and non-dominant hands, and figure out those quilting motifs we want to stitch out. I’d love to see you there!

Happy Quilting,


A blog of blogs

tiara silk 1I am a blog reader. When I open WordPress in the morning the Reader is there showing me who’s recently posted, allowing me to comment, like, or move on. It is mostly quilt related, though I have a travel blog I read because she’s a good writer and she commented on my blog a long time ago and I went to see what she’s about. Each blogger is in the Reader for a reason from work related, admiration, faith, humor, photography or simply darn good writing.

The first blog in my reader this morning is Pokey Bolton’s Crafting a Life. I admire Pokey and respect her work in the quilting community. Today’s post Call for entries! Celebrating Yvonne Porcella captured something, not so much for the call for entry, but for the photo of Yvonne & Pokey’s hands.
This morning I remembered that I promised to go look at a blog. Sharon, from Tailor Chick and the Sewing Machine, is a real hoot. I love her joy and love her work. She has a shiny new BERNINA 740 and is loving every moment with this machine. I did mention that I love her work…she showed me a photo of a wedding dress she’s working on. Oh M Gee! her attention to detail is awe inspiring. What I love more, seriously, is the joy she has in her work, it’s quite catching.
CAM02016I met Jenelle Montilone at a BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in 2014. Being the early risers we enjoyed coffee, and a quiet chat with one another. Her blog is TrashN2Tees where she shows her work both in sewing and the environment. She’s done her research and knows her stuff. Her most recent post speaks of environmentally friendly products that are already on the market.
I believe I first learned of Jaye Lapachet’s Artquiltmaker blog from Linda M. Poole. The most recent Creative Prompt is Chicken, these are fun, provocative, thoughtful. My mind goes in several different directions with these prompts. And someday I’ll actually make a quilt from one.
Vicki Welsh’s Field Trips in Fiber is color inspiration, quilting and more. Her hand dyed fabrics are simply gorgeous. Vicki has an etsy shop to order these beauties. I like that she speaks of life and books and so much more.
I’ve been following Tim Latimer for a while. I do like his quilting style, and his dog, Teddy, who gives each quilt the “sit test”. It’s kind of sweet. Right now Tim is free motion machine quilting on a treadle. He’s doing incredibly well with this making me imagine the possibility of quilters way back when. Perhaps there will be a historically inaccurate story down the road of a rogue band of quilters from the late 1800’s inventing free motion machine quilting on their treadles, art quilting, and writing letters to one another how they hide their work so as not to be discovered….oh the possibilities.
And recently someone told me about Sippican Cottage. This guy if from Maine, has a wicked sense of humor and leaves me in awe of his writing abilities. I mean who wouldn’t follow someone who knows the correct usage of “ersatz” and isn’t afraid to use it.

Mississippi sunrise
This is a sunset on the Hudson River, 2 years ago

Leanne Cole consistently inspires me with her photography. Simply Wow! She visited the US in 2015, the pictures captured something beautiful. I appreciate that she speaks of her process as well as sharing the photos. Her blog has me thinking that when life and time allow I would like to get something more for a camera and work on capturing something beautiful.
Some of the friends include Debby Brown, Lisa Calle, Paula Reid, Melody Crust, and Mandy Leins. There are a lot more however time prevents me from sharing more.

The blogs I read have changed over the years. Some bloggers have stopped for lack of time, family obligations, major life changes. There are new bloggers to follow who inspire, engage, make me laugh, and quilt.
Today is Yonkers Philharmonic, and catch up day. Someday soon I’ll speak of my work as Community Editor with Generation Q Magazine. One fun thing has been happening over the last couple of weeks on LinkedIn, I’ve been receiving congratulatory messages on being with GenQ for 2 years. I love this…the messages and that I’ve been working with this magazine for 2 years. I’m still as giddy now about this work. I work closest with Melissa Thompson Maher and I have to share that I am the better for it. She’s patient, kind, and a damn good teacher. I’m not saying anything here that I have not said to her already. It’s always amazing to me that we live in so many different places, have other jobs, and get this magazine published.

May your day be filled with quilting!


Lisa Calle’s The Quilt Show 1703

Lisa Calle OCQ eventIn a rare time opportunity I watched Lisa Calle’s episode on The Quilt Show, #1703, what a great episode. Lisa’s Divide & Design class and technique does something really special, it shows the quilting decision making process like no other. While the process for the show goes to the bare bones of it all, Lisa does talk about the back and forth of trying things out, seeing if they’ll work, and trying something different. She may come back to an early part of the process and may not. Lisa keeps all of the quilt designs in tubes in her quilt studio. working with Lisas rulers

She points out that Divide & Design takes time, particularly when drawing in the feathers and fills. The layers of tracing paper serve a great purpose. Lisa uses her rulers throughout the design process, just as she would on a quilt. In this quilters view this serves two purposes 1) figuring out the design, and 2) practicing for use on the long arm or sewing machine.
On her website Lisa has a calendar with her teaching schedule. Head on over and check it out. I’ve heard that there are a few really exciting things ahead. Go Lisa!

Oh and check out her blog. The top story right now is that Lisa is teaching at Quilt Festival in Houston. Click here for Lisa’s interview.

Happy Quilting!



Lisa Calle OCQ eventI’m not usually at a loss for words related to quilting for this blog. I’m not really at a loss at the moment it’s just that the quilting world as it is in my life at this moment is refocusing and I’m slowly wending my way around the quilting world as it is for me right now. I’m starting week two with Missouri Star, which I’m loving. With new work, full-time, everything changes, including the rhythm of the quilting routine.

So the other night I posed the question on facebook, “who are the quilterati in your life?” Quilterati is a play on the word, literati, with the meaning of “well educated”, “literate”, “in the know”. Then, as the play continues, there is glitterati with a meaning of “famous, wealthy, and attractive”. I,  personally, was going for a combination of the two meaning who are the important quilt people in your life. The first time I posed the question several people said me. I thank them so very much because that means a lot.

jake laughs againPosing the question the second time yielded a richer and deeper conversation that leads me to this post. Many of the names I knew:

Kim Brunner, Jamie Wallen, Karlee Porter, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Sue McCarty, Janet Stone, Jackie Kunkle, Marilyn Badger, Karen McTavish, Linda V. Taylor, Lizzy House, Linda M. Poole, Maddie Kertay, Joe Cunningham, Ruth McDowell, Mickey DePre, Jim Salinas, Shelia Frampton-Cooper, Jake Finch, Melissa Thompson Maher, Mary Ellen Hopkins, Gwen Marston, Doreen Speckmann, Linda Hahn, Marianne Burr, Pokey Bolton, Dee Fox Cornell, Pamela Allen, Sue Brenner, Judi Madsen, Claudia Pfeil, Claudia Myers, Lisa H Calle, Mary Wilson Kerr, Ruth Powers, Cheryl Sleboda, Lynn Krawczyk, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Sherry Reynolds, Stephanie Forsythe, Luke Haynes, Melanie Testa, Lisa Sipes, Alex Veronelli, Bob Purcell, Debby Brown, Barb Persing, John Kubinec, Joe Callaham, Holice Turnbow, Bruce Magidson, Diane Magidson, Hollis Chatelaine, Paula Reid, Paula Nadelstern, Judy Niemeyer, Kristin Girod Rodriquez, Lesley Riley, Frances Holiday Alford, Jean Ray Luray, Pat Barry, Angela Walters, Margaret Solomon Gunn, Judy Coates Perez, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, David Butler, Bonnie Browning, Pepper Cory, Diane Gaudynski, Sue Nichols, Pat Holly, Phillip Jacobs, Kaffe Fasset, Renee Brown Haddadin, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Laurie Tigner, Mandy Leins, Marybeth Krapil, Brenda Groelz, Jane Dunnewold, Shannon Hicks, Sarah Ann Smith, Karen K Stone, Myrna Ficken, Patrick Lose, Brandy Lee, Jessica Darling, Jo Leichte, Jeanne Cook Delpit, Gayle Schleimann, Bill Volkening, Roderick Kiracofe, Kim Niedzwicki, Michael Dunn, Karen Cunagin, Bert Klimas, Renee Fleuranges-Valdes, Mary Anne Ciccotelli, Anne Frascarelli, Donna Chambers, Sandra Parrott, Barbara Brackman, Pat Campbell, Tracy Mooney, Jamie Mueller, Denise DeSantis, Melissa Kanovsky, Scott Hansen, Bev Mabry, Susan Schrott, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Nancy Rosenberger, Sally Bramald, Jane Monk, Kela Weathers, Chana Charles, Rob Appell, Jenny Doan, Donna Thomas, Christa Watson, my sweetie. . . .

Debby HandiQuilter Teri BERNINAOkay so this list…it’s just a beginning. I’m not even sure I grabbed all the names listed on the fb post. Part of the point is to take a moment and recognize the people in our life who have influenced our quilting world in some way.

One of the things I see is the breadth of the quilting world right there spanning the quilting world, it’s inclusive of all types of quilting, and those in the “business” of quilting from fabric designers to editors and the “behind the scenes” people. This list includes people who aren’t in the business directly but still support and encourage.

And who are the quilterati in your life?

I’m off to work here shortly, have a great! quilterly day.




Video edited!

???????????????????????????????A way back, oh so long ago Lisa Calle and I met at Olde City Quilts to shoot some video. Lisa had some troubles by way of not finding the cord that connects her camera to the computer so there was a “failure to communicate”. A new cord obtained, and some time at the computer Lisa has the video edited. I’ll get to see it Tuesday (which is my travel day so it’ll be late on the East Coast) before I get to watch.
As soon as I’ve watched we’ll figure out which day later this week we’re going to post, either Thursday or Friday.

Happy Quilting!


A bit of this and that

Lisa is working on getting the video ready. She’s had a bit of a technical delay…the cord to connect the camera to the computer went missing. She searched and searched, with no success. Bang.Head.Here! A new cord procured and Lisa is well on the way. This photo was accidental. Funny, but accidental. The memory on Lisa’s camera got full right before our last moment. After mounting my camera on her tripod. My new camera that is barely broken in, so we’re both trying to figure out what button to push. I turns out it’s not the same button for taking a photo. Pressing that button gets photos like this an action shot of sorts. What cracks me up is the look on my face…so serious. Lisa and I were having a great time and laughing.


After a long wait I finally have the BERNINA Patchwork foot for the 9 mm wide machines with Dual Feed, the 97 D. Alas it is in my sewing room untouched. And will be that way until shortly after I get home from Road to California. I am in a final push for prep for my classes. And we have some family changes that have kept me out of my sewing room while we get ready. It’s a lovely change and I’m excited about it.

After seeing what Sarah Vedeler can do with the Silhouette Cameo I got the Silhouette Portrait. Sarah Designed It’s a Sterling life on Berkeley Square for BERNINA using the Cameo and the embroidery features on the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition. It’s gorgeous. Both the machine and the quilt.
portrait_straightonI am planning on using the Portrait for a project in the book and for a few other quilts that are rambling through my head. Being able to cut shapes quickly and easily is kind of exciting. Sarah gives some great tips in her blog posts.

Happy Quilting!


Shooting Video!

Rob Engime Olde City QuiltsThe bonus of my sweetie having Friday’s off is that in yesterday’s snow he drove me to Olde City Quilts in Burlington, NJ for a video shoot with Lisa Calle. We got plans quilters big plans. Well smallish plans for now.

I did take a couple of pictures, this one of Rob Engime is one of my favorites.

I’ve been wanting to shoot video of quilting for a while so this is a bonus. My camera will shoot video and my husband has a tri-pod so once I’m finished the book I’m going to take on learning how to shoot and edit video. With CreativeSuite 3 I know I can edit and am eager to pursue learning how.


We worked on three different machines as we shot video the last being one of the B 780’s that H.P. Ueltschi signed when he visited Rob & Judy’s shop a few months ago.

I just watched the wrap-up I did at the end, it’s not so bad. I do have a serious face which I think is hilarious!

When Lisa has the video ready we’ll both post it on our blogs.


Happy Quilting!