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A weekend away is a good thing.

Friday afternoon I ended up in Bath and surprised Amanda at Mariners Compass. It was lovely and I got a copy of her mom’s new book, My Twelve Maine Christmas Days. It’s a delightful book and very Maine. (Clicking on the book will take you to Wendy’s website) Wendy not only writes children’s books. She designs quilt patterns.
Mariners Compass was part of a shop hop over the weekend so Amanda and crew were working on setting up the shop for a demonstration. I didn’t stay long enough. Sigh! I will be back as soon as I can though.
wine and quiltingSaturday afternoon my sister, her husband, our brother and I went to lunch at one of their favorite places. I don’t remember the name but oh was the food good. I had gumbo that had a lovely bit of heat to it. As I’m walking around the place I’m noticing the artwork on the wine bottles. wine and quitling 2
Big! Surprise!
It’s quilterly in so many ways. from the flowy curves on the left to the “quilt blocks” on the right. I frequently leave wine shops of many kinds inspired by the art work to create some kind of quilt. The wine bottle on the left has a nautilus feel to it. I like how it’s different from what I normally stitch out.
The bottle on the right has some serious potential as a “real” quilt.

I loved spending the time with my family over the weekend. And I’m happy to be home with my sweetie. There is much to be done over the next few weeks! Oh my…!!!

How are your whole cloth quilts coming? Mine will be finished soon.

Have a great quilterly day.


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