Honoring Vets; Honoring Family

Dad Would be Honored

About 8 years ago I made this quilt for my dad from his ties and some random dupioni silk I had hanging around. This is one of the first feathered stars I ever pieced, thanks to Marsha McCloskey’s book I did fairly well. I need to make one more of these quilts – I just like making them. Kinda fun, labor intensive but fun. And I want to do that circle bit again. perhaps with cotton and starch those circles will be circles rather than almost circles.

Today, we’ve been celebrating Veterans Day, honoring those men and women in uniform who have sacrificed their lives in some way to allow us to experience the freedoms we currently enjoy. My dad served in the military for about 7 or 8 years. myself being born on a military base (now closed). Both dads sister and brother served in the military, as well as Dad’s uncle. Oh there’s probably more!dad and Jayne Mansfield
Dad was a photographer, this particular love lasted his whole life. Here and there are photos of celebrities that he took in the military and in Las Vegas. This particular passion suited him – he remained a rather astute observer, in the background looking for much of what was going on. Sometimes his observations were rather direct and somewhat painful (in that peroxide in a knee scrape kind of way). I knew though that there lived an honest answer.

dad inside joke with friendHe had a great and hearty laugh accompanied by a sense of humor that made each one of his children groan, eyes rolling in our heads. You get the picture. When dad traced our family tree the military ran though generations at least as far back as the Civil War here in the states. I know he went back as far as Scotland on the Harris side of the family and how this line of the family ended up here in the states.

buddy hackettI recently learned something really beautiful the other day. Two of my uncles spent part of their time talking to schools about their experience in the 60/70’s one as a guy who went into the military and one as a conscientious objector. Their dad (my moms dad) fought in WWII.
Dad would be honored.
I’m grateful

Onto some quilting!


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  1. My goodness. Thanks for sharing that unseen pic of Jayne and your father. She was in Vietnam for six weeks in Feb 1967, not so much putting on a show but just visiting as many vets as she could, doing lots of meet and greets and giving her support. It is always wonderful to see Military men’s personal pics of Jayne especially from her trip to Vietnam as sadly she died a few months later.

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