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Refreshed and renewed

One of the coolest things about working with and for Generation Q Magazine is working on the blog/book tours. I often read through books ahead of time and share some of the highlights. It’s not always easy as there are some really good books out there. Books I would love every quilter to get for their quilt making pleasure. Alas not every book speaks to every quilter. We all have different styles and likes and interests.
Years ago I watched a PBS series where a group of families (hang with me here) leave every modern convenience behind to live for several months in a settlement community, as though they left the east coast migrating west across America. It wasn’t an easy life but choosing a life like that and willingly giving up all the mod cons like the potty and the phone was challenging. For the kids, accustomed to being entertained (tv, internet, books) some adjustment was made. In the end interviews one of the kids said that he “learned imagination”.  How cool is that? He learned imagination!
14490434835_b5c9427846_bBack to the book tour on Gen Q.
Carrie Bloomston’s book The Little Spark – 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity is one book for every quilter. Creativity and imagination are linked. Head on over to Gen Q to read a bit more and follow the link over to Carrie’s blog to read more. Perhaps spend a few moments following links to other bloggers.

Ambassador Retreat

Normally I’m the “sales girl” or “the teacher” or “the blogger”, the one in the front of the room. Attending the BERNINA Ambassador Retreat is a treat. I’m not that front person presenting I get to learn and play and generally have fun. This year had a different tone for me since most of us “new kids” from last year were going back to meet friends. There is a sense of camaraderie and laughter and for me a much more relaxed way of being. I learned a lot and I like that. One of the biggest things is threading the bobbin on the 8 Series machines for embroidery and quilting – whoa! That was big. The learning continued  yesterday at work when I learned how to set the time on the B 880. I have to say the simulator and the information stored on the machine makes a lot of things so much easier.
The lovely thing about a retreat is the confirmation that I’m doing what I love for the right reasons with the quilting and teaching. That saying yes to quilting is such a good thing.

Happy Quilting!

Mandy Leins
My BERNINA project at the front door. I still love that vintage button I used.
With Associate Editor Tracy Mooney
Jenelle Montilone of trashn2tees we spent some quite morning moments as the early risers
tired and inspired Ambassadors Mel B McFarland, Joanne Sharpe, Mandy Leins and Kari Carr



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