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Getting ready for Road to California

thread rackI just ordered thread for my Road to California students. Looking out my window this afternoon makes me even more excited to hit the Road. Get it. Road. Hahaha! It’ll be sunny and warm and brighter than NY City. Looking out my window there is snow. SNOW. Did you know that snow is a four letter word?

True story I grew up in Maine, we had winter. I would sled and skate like any other kid from Maine. Then, one day this Maine girl moved to Georgia and discovered that in Georgia there are flowers blooming year round. Year round. Flowers. Flowers mean color. Guess what this kid loves! Not winter, that’s for sure.yellow-orange-mum-flower

I’m getting punchy. Up a wee bit too early and working steady all day. I’m writing a blog post for the magazine for tomorrow – it’s a book tour I like those. There are some outstanding quilt books on the market.

Anywho. Thread is ordered, kits are in the works. This is one happy teacher.

Happy quilting!



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