Today is a writing day

words on fridge writerI like writing days they end up being very creative. These are days that I can spend at the computer with few other distractions. I’ll need chocolate and food. And paper. I like to keep paper next to me when I write. I keep paper two write notes because, as Lynn Krawczyk reminds us often, Art Brain kicks in and I need to write down ideas that float into my head for the projects for the book. One of them has me all giddy. Well several of them actually have me giddy. Paper also means I can doodle. Doodling gives me the opportunity to stop and think clearly along the way and check in with myself. As I’m writing this I paused to write down a couple of quilt designs and order some thread and have a good chat with a good friend and my sisters and cousins. I am so grateful for fb messenger.

Have a great day friends.


Here’s one more of my quilting heros.

Word has it she’ll have a new book out soon, titled Wanderlust Quilts.

Happy Quilting!


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