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A patchwork of posts

Today I’m starting with links to Mandy Leins interview of quilter and quilt show judge Scott Murkin. While the focus is Modern Quilting, Scott’s answers apply across the board
Interview part 1

Interview part 2

On the Generation Q blog a traveling quilt teacher (me) opens her diary for all to read.

#NoMeanGirls Over the last few days, oh to be honest it’s been a long time, I’ve been watching some really ugly posts on fb directly related to the quilt world comments about quilts winning awards that in someone’s mind shouldn’t have, or how shows or magazines choose to do their work or run the show. Sometimes I slip and make comments that perhaps I shouldn’t, however over the last few years I’ve tried to take the posture that if I can not say something kind or productive or constructive then I should keep my mouth shut and my words not written. WE are all human, with our beautiful and unique qualities. We all quilt in a different and unique way. We can appreciate what other quilters do. We can approach things we disagree with in a manner that is respectful and kind. It does take work, it takes effort. And it takes work and effort to not be trampled over either.

While the hashtag is no mean girls this applies to all quilters. All of us. If we need to vent (and sometimes we do) then do it in an appropriate place, with a good trusted friend.

So every post for the next few weeks will express gratitude for quilters who have influenced me over the years in one way or another. First up: Kim Brunner. And then there is Renee, Sandra, Mary Anne, Cathy, Donna and Susan. Thank you all.

Happy Quilting!



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