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Get Inked!

Lynn Krawczyk inkedSeriously.
Get Inked.

Get it?



Lynn Krawczyk’s new fabric line with Red Rooster. Hopefully soon to be at quilt shops across the nation, no the world. I’m hoping for world fabric domination. Okay not really but I love this line of fabric.

I finally met Lynn at Quilt Market in the fall. She’s adorable, has a smile to beat the band and intense kind eyes and is fun-sized. Some of my very favorite fb posts have to do with Art Brain and paint flinging. Oh and I can’t forget the coffee posts. You know how much I love coffee. My love for coffee pales in comparison. Seriously. And if you hadn’t guessed I’m smitten with Inked. it’s not just that it’s Lynn’s fabric line and that it’s different. The colors speak to my quilterly sensibilities. So when Lynn asked if I’d participate in a blog hop I said yes. A few days later these materialized on my door step.  Okay, they really showed up in the mail. It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to make for the block. It had to be fun and different.

inked brown

inked lime brown


inked oranges

inked writing teal

Inked washers






my block for Lynn K inked

So here’s the block I made for her quilt. And if I do this right here are the directions for the block: Inked block directions pdf

Over on Lynn’s blog she’s having daily interviews of each of the blog hipsters:

March 2 – Susan Brubaker Knapp

March 3 – me

March 4 – Jessica Darling

March 5  – Debbie Grifka

March 6 –Lynn Carson Harris

March 7 – Jen Osborn

March 8 – Lynn for Susan Atwell

March 9 – Flaun Cline

March 10 – Lynn Krawczyk

March 11 – Cheryl Sleboda

March 12 – Maddie Kertay

March 13 – Lynn Krawczyk

March 14 – Winner!!!

And yes! there is an opportunity to win a bundle of fat quarters at each stop…including this one. Just answer me one question quilterly peeps: what would you make with Inked? A skirt? Shirt? Nifty tote bag? A quilt? On March 14 I’ll have a hot date with the random number generator and select a winner.
So stop by each one of the bloggers, get the directions for their blocks and enter for an opportunity to win their fq bundle. Word has it that Lynn has some extra fun on her blog. Oh and if you head over there you can see the quilt.

Happy Quilting!



And the Random Number Generator selected #6 Charlotte! Congratulations!
Thank you all for commenting. I love reading your comments. Remember Inked will be in quilt shops soon!

76 thoughts on “Get Inked!”

    1. I receive the lovely fabrics from Lynn for the giveaway. So excited to sew these into something wonderful!

  1. I think “Inked” would play well with some of my own hand dyed & screen printed fabrics, so I might use it in an art quilt or even just free-form piecing for a contemporary, fun quilt. Love the saturated colors and hand-drawn look of the patterns.

  2. gorgeous fabric that I would have to make myself a quilt with. thanks for sharing your block

  3. Would love to make a quilt out of this fabric — i absolutely adore Lynn and her fabric designs. And bags — would totally make bags. If i wore colors, i would make clothes.

  4. Love the way Lynn prints here mod podge designs on fabric. I would most likely put them in one of my own art quilts or make a few blocks from her new fabric line!

  5. I would make a bag with the fabrics, but would make sure I had enough scraps left over to use them in a quilt or two. Love the fabrics and your block!

  6. I generally stay with flat things so I would make a quilt or perhaps pillows which after all do start out flat. You block is great and would work well in either application!

  7. I’ve been doing geology based quilts and these fabrics would be perfect as part of the “core samples” which are essential to the designs.

  8. Love your block! That little curve adds a spark of interest that is just right. I have been a huge fan of Lynn’s since I bought my first Thermofax screen from her. She is like a bottle of champagne that never goes flat – joy filled! Thanks for the chance to win a bundle of Inked goodness. I am thinking a fun pillow to start until I can get my hands on yards of this for a quilt. Plus, I have the Inked embroidery floss, so I could go crazy with some stitching, too.

  9. I agree Teri. A tote bag would be useful but…..a “show off” tote bag made up with these brilliant fabrics would not only be an indulgence but a necessity

  10. Love this post! and love that you included a pdf of the block’s instructions! I wish right now that I had Lynn’s fabric to make each of these blocks, one each day. Maybe I will dig into my stash for some bold, saturated pieces and try to re-create the look… The curves in your block really create movement and a sense of fun! Thanks!

  11. easy one, a quilt, a quilt. i haven’t decided on the pattern yet – but i need a quilt with this fabric 🙂

  12. Teri, I’m planning on making a yoga mat bag with an Inked fabric. I just came across some of Lynn’s fabulous fabric at a little shop in Decatur! Georgia before I knew about this block hop! serendipity!

  13. I love the block you designed with the “inked” fabric. I like that the fabrics have some spunk

  14. I’m all about quilts, but these fabrics seem perfect for a fun craft tote for my next quilting retreat.

  15. I’d love to win some of this fabric. I have been waiting for it to be available so I could make a quilt or a tote or a wall quilt with it. I really love the colors and prints so much! Your block has so much movement! Love it!

  16. Love these fabrics! I’d start with a journal cover, then move onto a fabric collage…Thanks for asking!

  17. I think these new fabrics would be a perfect combination for a large “carry-on” bag for my travels!

  18. Remember color block shirts? Yeah, I have a pattern and might even include your mash-up block idea. That’s one thought, others percolate.

  19. I am an art quilter so can definitely see incorporating Lynn’s fabrics into an abstract wall hanging.

  20. Love that script print you used- the colors and the tone on tone is so pretty! I think I would make a bag or maybe even placemats. Thanks!

  21. What wonderful fabric! I would make a vest with this, and then use the scraps in an art quilt. Thanks for the great giveaway and thanks for your inspiring blog!

  22. This is such pretty fabric and I love your block! I would love a quilt made from this line.

  23. I would make a handbag so I could carry this around with me all the time. Love the unusual colours and textures

  24. My first thought that came to mind was bags, both small zippered and carry.
    Or maybe a shirt……

  25. I’d use them with some of my own hand printed fabrics to make a “story” cloth with hand stitching.

  26. Oh! I love your block!!
    I am doing this today!!
    ( I’m a little confused about the off-set thing, but I’m sure it will make sense when I do it)
    I would *love* to make a quilt out of these awesome fabrics!… Your block would be my inspiration… I think it would make such a dramatic/dynamic quilt!!
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.

  27. Thanks for the chance to win this colorful fabric. I think I’d make a quilt. I’ll have to find a great pattern. 🙂

  28. I love the curved piecing you chose for your block! Also, thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric. And….glad to see a fellow Diamond fan. 🙂

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