Thank you

dad inside joke with friendThe other day I had an Air Force Veteran sitting at my dining room table. I’m listening to this woman tell how she helped a couple of younger women in her charge through some of the bombing in Iraq. I looked at her, she was no longer my younger sister. Here sits this Veteran, with a spine, taking care of business. It was part of our childhood that got her through this tour in Iraq, roller skating. White roller skates with pink pom poms. You’ll have to imagine this soldier in full fatigues, with helmet, goggles, wearing the aforementioned skates and grooving like only a child of the 80’s can.
I’m thankful she is home.

This picture is my dad, who served in the Air Force in the 60’s from sometime after his high school graduation until sometime after I was born. I can’t thank him in person any more.
A couple of my high school classmates are still active duty military, and quite ranking from what I’ve seen on fb. Another classmate, also active military, keeps us up on his whereabouts.

Thank you all, all of you veterans, thank you for your service to our Country.


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