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Blogging world and office dreaming

Over the last few years my blogging world has changed, or more to the point the blogging world has changed, its not a good or a bad thing it just happens. Many long term bloggers get fatigued and pull back from writing, other things in life take priority. Some of the blogs I follow now are blogs I’ve followed for a long time. Others are new to me like Christa of Christa Quilts. Over the last few years she’s been blogging her progress on her 5 year plan and helping others in the business of quilting. It’s a good read with some great advice. And we’ve actually met. I love that!

Then there’s Debby. I can’t say enough good things about Debby. I say them to her so I won’t say them here. Debby has a Craftsy class that I’ve heard is very good and knowing Debby, and the prep work she did, I know this is a class worth taking.

I read Jenny’s blog as well. I love watching her process on pieces she creates.

Then there is Leanne Cole a photographer from Australia. Her work is so amazing and she shares a lot of information. The pictures are stunning but I love what she sees.

Speaking of seeing and doing Lesley at Bucket List Publications lives. She’s actively doing all of the things on her “bucket list” and telling the tale.

And now for something completely different. I’m going to paint my office. Well I have to wait for my sister to move and that is happening over the weekend so sometime very soon I’m going to the local home supply center and getting me some paint.

or  and  or 

I hit up the Kona Solids for the Color. One wall will be the purple and the rest will be the chartreuse or lime green. I’m picking up a desk and chair today too. I’ll be getting a standing desk and an appropriate size chair to fit at the desk. The inspiration comes partly from sitting at my dining room table over the last couple of months, which is bar height, and being able to sit or stand as I choose. Sometimes standing to think and work is so much easier.

Hopefully I remember to instagram this as I go along.

Have a fab day!


PS I’m still thinking a shade of orange for one wall in my sewing room


5 thoughts on “Blogging world and office dreaming”

  1. I like the lighter green and purple-they’ll reflect light a little better than the darker ones. JMHO

    I think an orange wall would be so cool!

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