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After 20 years she finally has a name

Twenty years is a long time to be nameless.

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Quilting old school

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I brought this gal in December 1995, she’s 20. Yep. She’s 20. We’ve done a lot of good work together. This is the gal that I learned so much about quilting on. If she could talk…I’m sure she’d have stories. She’s heard more than one most unpleasant word. I’ve walked out of the room on her when I was so frustrated I couldn’t speak.
All along she’s never had a name. Nothing ever seemed just right. I took her out this afternoon to give her a bit of a spin. I gave her a drop of oil, and listened to the hum of the machine that I fell in love with.
And then tonight, after listening to her for the afternoon I knew. Her name is Therese (with the appropriate accent marks). Whew. Finally. I have no idea what took so long.

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Do you have a bucket list?
I don’t have an “I need to do this before I kick the bucket” list.
It’s more of an “I’d love to teach here list because it’s wicked cool” list.

Asilomar – yep, it’s on my list. It’s on my list as both a teacher and a student.
Paducah – this would be a career highlight.
Ladyfingers Sewing – Oley PA – this one is pretty simple, just need to set a date with the owner.
Arizona – I just really loved this state and would love to go back. Then I can try and spend a day or so with Sarah Vedeler.
Colorado – yes, I’d love to teach in Colorado. I have vague memories of being in Denver when I was about 6. Jeannie Sumrall-Ajero lives there…spending a day or two with her creative self would be on the bucket list as well.
New Mexico – I love New Mexico. Oh my goodness I love NM. I’d love to spend a week, or more, there taking photos.

This is the short list…there are other places I’d love to teach and visit. All in good time…there is work to do before I go.

Happy Quilting!

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