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Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild


Tuesday 2/16 was a great day to be quilt teacher, I spent the day with the Warwick Valley Quilter’s Guild. The day started out with some kind of icky weather, however it was warm enough to go. I had to stop to get air in one of the tires, it’s always a little disconcerting when the the tire warning light comes on saying “low air” because I have to figure out which one is low! I’d much rather figure that out than change a tire.
On Sunday prior I was instagramming kits for the students:

Each pre-made quilt was different, to give the students a little something interesting to work on.

One of the first students set up her machine, she rocked the BadAss Quilters Society decal. We all need to own our badass-ery a bit. Because, you know…we’re quilters!

warwick badass sticker

Warwick student threadEveryone brings a little big of thread, or can get into my thread stash that I bring. She brought some thread to try. And try she did! It was so fun to see her wind some of that Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle and do some bobbin work! warwick winding razzle dazzleShe tried every single thread in her stash, leaving with some great tips and rarin’ to go on the quilting. I enjoyed watching her.

warwick student working on quilt and designOne student showed me her bubbles, they were looking good.
Then she moved the paper:

warwick student working on quilt and design bubblesI demoed how I stitch bubbles to one of the other quilters…she changed what she was doing, including slowing down, a lot, and voila! What a huge change.

Most of the quilters learned to slow down, a good medium speed goes a long way. A lot of quilters are shocked to watch me quilt. It takes them a while to slow down, but the, “Oh my goodness! this really works.” is always worth it.

And this quilter really went for it…different colors, different motifs, slowing down and enjoying the process.

Overall it was a great day to quilt! Thank you Warwick Valley Quilters Guild for a great day. You all inspired me.

Happy Quilting!


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