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Lighting a Candle


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In the current issue of Generation Q Magazine there’s an article on the care and feeding of your sewing machine. I have to admit to getting a little excited sharing this information with people. A little care for our machines goes a really long way. So this evening when my machine started misbehaving I decided maybe, just maybe it needed a little bit of attention.


Look away. Look away. Nothing to see here. Except lint. a lot of lint. Surprised? Eh, don’t be. A bit of brushing, a bit of oiling, and she sounds beautiful once again. Like her old self. And we went back to happily stitching.

I’ve been working on a tribute quilt for Yvonne Porcella. Its hard doing something that you know that, due to current time constraints, you won’t be able to finish in time to meet the deadline. However I’ve had to keep moving forward. I will finish in the next week or so.  I’m stitching on snow-dyed Radiance, wool batting, and slubby denim. I’m using silk, linen, and poly thread in a variety of weight and color. IMG_20160807_213205_resized

Stitching swirling feathers is fun, and familiar. One the threads is a heavy “quilter’s silk” that has a lot of presence. And that’s giving the opportunity to pop the stitching with a much finer thread, in a different color of course.

When I finish the quilt I’ll share why I’m making it, and why it’s taken on new significance.

So for now. . .

Happy Quilting,




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