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Sweet Dreams are Made of these

This Nike commercial popped up into my fb newsfeed:

The Cubs win the World Series. At this point in the day this is not news. As a Yankee fan I’m happy for them. They worked hard, the played the game hard, they won. Kids all over will be sleeping in this morning and quite frankly they should be excused. It’s been over 100 years. There is something really amazing about realizing a dream, completing a goal, making your mark.

The commercial is about that dream, it’s about that goal, and kudos to Nike for talking up the dream. For recognizing that kids have dreams and these dreams can be encouraged and nourished. Dreams give hope. Dreams give us goals to attain. What I love most is that this kid is practicing, practicing, practicing. No one is on the field with him and there he is, practicing. He’s doing the work that realizing his dream involves.

As I watched the commercial I realized that, like this kid, I still have quilterly dreams and goals. There is work to get there. There are a few curve balls thrown in at the moment. But those dreams are still there, giving me something to work toward. I’d like to win big at Houston. I’d like to be Editor-in-Chief of Generation Q Magazine (yes, Melissa knows this and we have another 20 years before that happens). I want to write that book, the day will come when that happens.

His happy dance at the end of the commercial is very much my experience when I achieve a goal, or watch someone that I’ve helped connect in some real way, or encouraged in some tangible way experience the achievement of their own dreams and goals. I feel that way when my students ‘get it’ finding their way to the better quilting they so desire.

Always hold onto your dreams. Let them bring you hope, rather than discouragement. I know it’s hard reading comments from judges sometimes, or hearing negative comments from other quilters, or having someone be mean to you for no real, tangible reason.

Put on Your Favorite Dream and fly!

Happy Quilting,


PS Pinwheels and Friends starts in less than a week! Will I see you there? Rumor has it that there will be prizes for my students. Click here to sign up for Doodling Your way to Better Quilting.

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  1. Your website looks wonderful! I love this blog post, it’s encouraging. Best wishes on reaching your dreams (I have them too and sometimes need encouraging to keep going). As to the writing of a book, I encourage you to read my writing son’s blog post on “Yet Another Set of 10 Rules for Being a Writer” I think you would enjoy it. Cheers, BJ

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