Silent Night, a weird little Christmas memory

star-quilt-10-may-08Way back in the seventies I met Pam. Her uncle and aunt lived in the neighborhood, and Pam was out by herself playing near the apartment. The first three week visit, later that summer holds some fab memories. The smell of cow poop – Lancaster County has lots of dairies and farms; not being able to sleep in a strange bed with so many different sounds. It didn’t help that the windows in Pam’s bedroom faced the morning sun. Eventually I settled into their daily family life, vacuuming, making apple sauce, feeding the turkeys (over feeding them once I think) and chickens.

One summer Pam and I decided that it was time for me to learn how to sing. For the better part of one entire week every time we did the dishes we would sing “Silent Night” over, and over again, with Pam coaching me along the way. At some point we sang the song one too many times…her mom got a wee bit annoyed. We stopped singing – for a bit. By the end of the week the singing actually improved, to this day I sing delightfully off-key, with gusto, and often by myself.

In a day or so I’ll share my word of the year for 2017. This year I’ll have two, one a quilt focus word, and one a Faith focus word. The faith focus is HOPE. It’s a rich word and one that deserves pondering. I look forward to plumbing the depths of Hope.

Merry Christmas!



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