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2017 Word of the Year

IMG_20160806_065917_resizedQuite frankly seeing the back of 2016 is something of a relief. 2016 has kind of kicked me in the shins repeatedly, been a bit of a bully, and needs to end. A friend from high school posted a link to a list of who passed away this year. Many I knew about, many I didn’t. A few shocked me as I didn’t know. One of my favorite Babylon 5 actors, Jerry Doyle. I admit that I sat here trying to figure out how to binge watch this show.
Ten more days. Being a bit of a realist things won’t magically change with the turn of a calendar page at midnight on December 31st. As the final pages of 2016 go by there are a few rays of hope for 2017 that are shining through. One of my favorite vendors is sending a two color quilt for me to quilt that will hang in their booth. Maybe I can get the other piece I started for them quilted and send them both at the same time. We’ll see about that one.

Supernova Jeanie
Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero’s kit by Hoffman Fabrics

I have three quilts that have been with me for years that I’d like to finish. They belong with other people and are taking up floor, head, and heart space that might be better used in other ways.

So I’ve been thinking about 2017 goals:

Better writing – I get to work with Melissa and Jake as editors and mentors. I rely on them a lot for editing my work, however I’d like to make their work easier and hone the skill-set, making their work easier and my work better. This also means getting a couple of backlogged things done.

Stronger class descriptions – this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about, and need to work on.

???????????????????????????????I am a member of a couple of organizations that will help with professional development. It’s time to make better use of the tools they offer.

There are a couple of words that are in serious contention for the 2017 word of the year. Quilt is one – kind of obvious but doesn’t give a whole lot of direction. Machine quilt, piece quilts? Focus on making art? Grow – I’ll admit that this has potential. Good potential and as a focus word gives direction. Gratitude, kind of leaning in this direction and has the bonus of being a grounding word. Then there’s Finish. Ahh and we see leanings in this direction all ready. Finishing is a good thing. Thoughts of a word cloud are coming to mind. Lots of words, different fonts, sizes, and colors. All part of a greater focus. Ooooo Focus! Another serious contender.

I do love words. And quilts. I love quilts. And quilty friends are the best.

Happy Quilting!



7 thoughts on “2017 Word of the Year”

  1. I too am working on a word for 2017…my thought is embrace change. But it seems to lack a one word idea…I like your word “grow”…I think about embrace…there is so much of life that presents itself, and I find myself resistant yet its the path to growth. I’ll be watching to see what word you choose. I’d love to hear your thoughts about embrace change if you have any. Merry Christmas Teri…I love hearing your heart!

  2. Good morning!!! Wrapping up the year has brought about many mixed thoughts for me, also. I say at the outset that ’16 has been a challenging year…..one that has pushed me to see God’s plan in its happenings/occurrences. Can’t say I’ve sorted it out much but am looking forward to the “clean slate” thought of ’17 (just as we are given a fresh start each morning!). A thought provoking post!!!! Christmas Blessings and a Joy-filled New Year……with His Peace.

  3. I’d already decided my word for 2017 is finish before I read your post. I’m wallowing in WIPs and UFOs and, because of this, have no energy for anything new. 2016 has been rough on you-may 2017 be 10 times better for you!! I’m hoping to not break any more bones!
    Merry Christmas to you and your “sweetie”, and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

  4. I agree with you about 2016. Each year does seem to have its own character,doesn’t it? I don’t usually pick a word for the year, but I am thinking there is a lot of positive under current for 2017. Best wishes for you…May the new year bring great blessings and lots of quilty fun to you Teri.

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