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and then there’s another character builder

Jury Duty Summons arrived in the mail today for service in mid-March. It’s hard to make a good decision at the moment as I have a couple of deadlines, and am looking for work.


Click on the link (photo above) to Stashed! in a few days we’ll be hosting a giveaway with Famore Cutlery. Details will be in the newsletter when it goes out.


I’m heading to QuiltCon later today working in the Pinwheels booth. I’m going to try and blog from there and maybe do some walking around on Monday. I haven’t been to Savannah in years!

Happy Quilting,


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  1. Enjoy QuiltCon. I was on jury duty last August. The case should have been finished in two weeks tops, but it dragged on for a month and then the defendant was found not guilty. My 74th birthday took place during that time.

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