If I could remake this quilt

"Twilight in the Bronx"

Shhh don’t tell anyone but this is one of my very favorite quilts. I know you’re shocked. Twilight in the Bronx is far from perfect. The lower right corner waves at you. The colors didn’t spin out quite the way I wanted. The trapunto didn’t work exactly the way that my mind imagined. The spokes are a little stronger than I thought. There’s not quite enough visual relief between the star and the background.


If I could remake this quilt. I wouldn’t.


No? Me either.

It’s perfect. With all it’s issues it’s simply perfect. Fun, friendship, and growth are here.

Happy Quilting!



1 thought on “If I could remake this quilt”

  1. I wouldn’t change anything either it is absolutely stunning it makes me want to hang it on my wall and look at it at night. Imagine if you used glow-in-the-dark thread!

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