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Things that make a quilter giddy

Eighteen years, or pert near close to it we moved into this place, purchasing a high efficiency, stacked washer/dryer. Loved it. Dealt with a few issues over the years, yanno, stuff happens. Sometime in the last 12 months it started sounding like rocks took up residence in the washer. Getting louder, and louder, and louder. When the machine went into a high speed spin hearing ourselves think became a challenge. In February, early February, before the fabric for the Indigo & Oatmeal fabric arrived from SewBatik. The fabric needed to be washed before the quilt could be made. Not just washed but run through with Retayne and Synthrapol. My sweetie pulled out an unused, clean tall plastic bucket for laundry in the meantime. I’ve been doing laundry for nearly 2 months in a bucket. Yeah, there’s a laundromat near the house but hauling everything over there blah, blah, blah. img_20170219_174825

So imagine a fun-sized quilter, at a sink that’s a wee nip too tall, filling the bucket with water (lots of water). I can hear a rather purple dinosaur saying, “fill it up one, fill it up two.” Pick up the bucket, dump it, rinse, repeat.

We had such great success purchasing our first washer/dryer from Appliance Driven (was Appliance Connection when we were first introduced to them) that we went back to them for a new one. After looking around a bit my sweetie found something that will fit our space, and meet our needs. We’re getting this Speed Queen.

So now I’ll be able to wash all that yardage waiting patiently in my basement. Yeah, that’s right. Yardage. ha!

I might have a bridge to sell ya.

And so off to launder, get the hair cut, look for work (still need that day job), and get ready to go to the AQS show in Lancaster.

Happy Quilting!

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