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I meant to do this, but did that instead

and the results were very good.
But first your daily ear worm:

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Showstopper Purple during the day

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This (Friday) day started with great intention: turn on the a/c in the sewing room and quilt. In order to achieve this great goal I needed to step down into the office for a bit to send a few emails. The business cards and Franklin Planner live on the desk. I do have picture proof somewhere on facebook, or instagram. Five hours, 10 emails, 4 phone calls, and some messaging with the editorial team, and no quilting at all. Getting into that groove was almost as good as quilting. There are times when that kind of work is really necessary, and fulfilling.

By the time all of this was completed it was time to make dinner. You may, or may not know, that preparing meals is not my forte. I manage. Just after I put the shrimp on the grill, the gas ran out. Timing is everything in cooking, and the timing here, was perfect. Tank changed, food made.

Saturday the big plan is: mark a quilt top, the one that is currently taped to the wall of  the sewing room. I needed a big, flat surface, hey look! there’s the wall, oh looky there! the tape is handy. Voila! Radiance in black taped to the wall.

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A beginning.

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I’m going to use the SewLine marking pencil to see how it works with my hot little hands. And I mean that, literally. One of the reasons that I quilt the way I do is because all the dang markings disappear beneath the heat of my hands. It’s really annoying that this happens but I’ve learned to adapt, by not marking quilt tops. So, off I go to experiment.

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