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Shut Up and Eat

20170716_110608In a nondescript building in Toms River NJ lives a cozy, kitchy restaurant: Shut Up and Eat. RUN don’t walk to for good food, and good service.

Our server, Ross, was in the midst of working her last day prior to heading off to get her PhD.

The walls are decorated by the humor of life.

<—— I sent this in a private message to a couple of my friends. Sometimes this is true because I’m a human being with feelings.

I’d share another picture but I got someone’s head in it and it’s really fuzzy.

I had perfectly poached eggs, with house made hash and home fries. You get to select the meat in the hash so bacon, pork roll (Taylor Ham) and something else made me so very, very happy.

My sweetie had a chorizo burger, it was big, and he ate the whole thing. The fries were crispy. I nipped a bit from his plate, then did it again.

Go. Just go. Eat. Enjoy.

Coming later this week:
Sizzix is in the house!
Quilted Block of the Month (Saturday)
and there’s probably something else too. Oh! I’m going to reblog something on Friday.

Happy Quilting!


On this Day one year ago I accepted the offer to be the Featured Quilter at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. I am still feeling deeply honored, very grateful and so excited. Registration to enter the show is Sept 15, 2017.

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