TerifiCreations by Teri Lucas

September 11th will always have profound meaning in my life
the clear blue sky – remembering talking to my husband on our way to work that morning about how odd it was

talking to my mother in law and turning on the tv just as the second plane hit the tower….

Hugging Sr. Imelda when she told me that she saw this plane hit the 2nd tower as she was driving down the highway.

the look on the lieutenants face as he talked to Fr. Bob…anguish, pain, fear & panic.

In a crisis, New York City at it’s finest.

September 11th is also my brothers birthday. Always was and now I get to remember him.

I remember today.


Over the last week or so a lot of memories of this day, and/or political commentary has come up in my facebook newsfeed about 9/11/2001 this link to…

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