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Connect: color

A while back Wednesday mornings meant heading to a local coffee shop for knitting and chatting. This hardcore machine quilter loved the company, and getting out of the house once a week was priceless. It was a way of connecting with friends, and with some handwork, knitting and crocheting.

impractical color wheelAttending guild meetings, sharing quilt stories, tips, hints, offering quilt advice (we all need that) and in one another’s lives. I’ve just started back after a couple of years of not being able to go. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed going, the camaraderie and the inspiration is priceless.

Right now I’m working on making color connections. I love color. My favorite colors are purple and orange, while this might come as a surprise, I love how they make the other sparkle in a way that is warm, and cool all in the same moment. One wall in my office is purple, one wall in my sewing studio will be orange. Purple is a thinking/work color for me, where orange is an inspiration color.

As a quilter using the colors that bring me the most enjoyment makes the most sense.

dupioni whole cloth playtime my brain on quilting

By doing this it’s assured that I love my work, and am invested in completing whatever quilt is in process. As I’ve worked on the impractical color wheel (above) there is a broad range of color, and shades/tones of those colors. It’s fun to see what the variety of color in the stash. The more color that is available, the more options there are, and options are good. Plans are developing for purchasing entire lines of thread – like FabuLux, I need them all!!

What colors do you connect with deeply, and how do they show up in your work? I’ll be sharing more as 2018 goes on as the Quilted Block of the Month progresses, and as more impractical color wheels are stitched.

Enjoy your Stitching,


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