Every Stitch I take

stitch countOn a whim I checked the stitch count for the B 560 E that I purchased in September when starting on the embroidery adventure.

I must pause in this missive to tell you that Pickle Pie Designs has the absolute BEST in the hoop projects, and it’s giving me Hoop Envy.

When I got the machine it had a little over 400,000 stitches, essentially with these machines it was brand new! In about five months I’ve added over 600,000 stitches. I’m going to set a goal of adding at least another 2,000,000 stitches. Three million are considered normal during the course of a twelve month period. Why do I want to do this?

First, it means I’m really quilting, not simply priming the pump of my creative soul.

Second, it means I’m getting my monies worth out of this baby.

Third, I like putting my machines through their paces. They are meant for this. Yeeehaw.

Creative brain is still giving careful consideration to what comes next on a couple of projects.

I can see this in my head, gotta figure out the deets sooner rather than later. Because I’m itching to tackle a project or three that has been waiting way too long. Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll post an interview talking a little bit about creative dryness.

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Debby Brown she’s always got some cool stuff going on

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