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I had to Laugh

Creative Brain has taken over, deciding to take her time deciding how to get the Big Idea for this quilt:

In taking her sweet ol’ time she’s decided to go ahead and take a bunch of already pieced four patches, stitch those together, then add 9” x 18” rectangles. Said fabrics are all chosen they just need to be cut. One down, a whole bunch more to go.

Then Creative Brain decided that cutting the rectangles could wait deciding that working on the Quilted Block of the Month would be a better idea so


I started stitching clam shells, and echoing back and forth, back and forth.


The stitching morphed a bit, filling the spaces so it looks like the clam shells are growing up between the other clam shells. I stitched, and stitched, and stitched.


After a bit Creative Brain declared an end to the shell business, by deciding she liked the curvy shape. That’s great, but there was all this space above. What to do, what to do? Straight lines, stitched very close together. So I did.

In the middle of choosing the fabrics to pair with the four patches, one piece said, “hey let’s do this!” So I took five minutes with ruler and SewLine pencil to draw a sixty-degree diamond shape. Thoughts for the quilting endure so this will happen.

Ahh Creative Brain it’s lovely to have your company again.

So with all this whirling around my brain, I just had to laugh in sheer joy.

Happy Quilting!




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