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A bit o’perspective

You know it’s getting serious in the Studio when…The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is playing in the background. I’m working on Sunrise, Sunset and have a fq bundle of Florabunda getting ready for a blog hop in June with the fabulous Melanie Testa.

There’s a blog hop in June and I’ll update deets when they’re set.

And now for something completely different:

NOTE – this is an amalgamation of many years of overall teaching experience and is NOT directed at anyone specific event or person.

Twenty something years ago I purchased my first sewing machine at a real dealer that provided guide classes to get to know how to use the sewing machine. The class was about 5 months after the purchase as my schedule was a bit weird but in that time stitching happened. When the class came we learned so much more about the features of the machine and the accessories that came with it. We also learned about other accessories that might make sense. These were available for purchase and if we did that day a discount was available.

Don’t let them teach you about anything other than quilt related features.

Many years later I got into sales, and teaching machine guide classes. I must admit to being super excited to do this as I get a little geeky explaining tension, presser foot pressure, what the feet that come with the machine do, the back kick on the foot pedal and other maintenance things that make these power tools work well. I teach these things because whether you are a quilter or garment sewer the information will make the work go much more smoothly.

the machineEvery now and again someone asks only to be taught how to use the quilt related things – 90% of that is covered in the guide class as it is structured. Knowing that you’re a quilter there is information that I’ll work into our session. I understand the desire to get to the point. However this cheats you of a greater understanding that will allow you to use the machine to your fullest advantage.

When, at the beginning of the session the customer asks for such specificity, I ask the to trust me and go with it. More often than not this request works. Now and again the customer will come in and say, “so and so (another teacher) said to teach me these specific things because I’m a _____________”. This completely undermines the trust relationship that is built in a class. And yes, I’m being very clear here, please support the people at the shops who are giving guide classes and let them work.

B790_StandardAs a student in other teachers classes I honor you as the educator, trust that you have something to offer – otherwise you wouldn’t be here teaching – and pretty much keep to myself. Unless you specifically ask me to help someone or for my opinion on something it’s essential that I stay to the background. Because You have a relationship with your students that would be undermined if I inserted myself in that moment taking over teaching your class. While you are not in that room when the guide class is being taught, the class is undermined when another teacher says, “don’t let them teach you this because you don’t need to know it.” They do need to know it, they need to know how to use the power tool in front of them to the best of their ability.

Now I’m off to do some more stitching on this because creating is fun:

Happy Stitching,



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