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Sunday, Sunday Just Love That Day

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Sunday morning stitching

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Ever have one of those days where ya think, “hey! I’m making great progress here?” Me too! Those are great days.

A few minutes after I posted this, and 5 eighteen inch seams later I realized that the bobbin ran out. Most of what you see in that pic had to be stitched again. Well stitched, because faking it was on the agenda.

cherrywood for quilt (2)Germinating in the recesses of the creative brain, a quilt – shocking I know – using Cherrywood. It’s all pressed, laying on the ironing board, and ready to go. Now to find the top of the cutting mat, which is currently covered in other projects. I don’t know a lot about this quilt yet, including if all of these will be used.

Sometime this week I’m going to talk machine tension.

Oh and remember I’m teaching at Christie’s Quilting Boutique on Saturday there may be a seat left. I’d love to see you. Sunday I’ll be heading to Quilt Fest of New Jersey to hang out with quilts and friends for the day.

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