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A Little Sparkle in Your Day


Sultry befits the feel of the day; while hazy, hot, and humid are apt descriptors, sultry has a southern, slow feel. On a sultry July afternoon I ventured into the City for the Women’s Jewelry Association Annual Awards Gala (July 2017) where quilter and artist MJ Kinman exhibited her work. MJ’s work came to my attention a few days earlier when Desiree Habicht posted on facebook that she’d be in the City for this event. Some quick messaging and I had press creds to go meet, and cover the event for Generation Q Magazine.

MJ researches and creates diamonds and gemstones in cloth and paint to obtain just the right look and feel for each quilt and work. As the Community Editor (talent scout) I wanted her work for our pages.

I prefer to work in a large format in order to convey the story of light and color encased in a gemstone. – MJ

Desiree Habicht and MJ Kinman Quilt: Copper Queen

Desiree Habicht, MJ’s coach, and artist in her own right traveled and worked with MJ to tell the story of her quilts. Images of the quilts are available as Chromaluxe prints, this is a great way to own a quilt, decorating our homes or studios with great beauty.

img_0391.jpg Devil’s Due
Each quilt shimmers as if it were the actual gemstone. The use of color gives each quilt depth and dimension.

img_0382.jpg Char
The mid-summer sun setting adding to their beauty, and indicating the simplicity of construction: it’s all straight line stitching. The quilting, simple and effective.

WJA Awards night Chelsea Piers

Since this event MJ developed the Birthstone Series Block of the Month, that is well worth any shop picking up for customers, particularly if your shop carries Paintbrush Studios Painters Palette line. While it’s twelve months, a thirteenth and fourteenth month are easily added for quilting related work. Visit her website for more information.

Congratulations MJ on your recognition by the WJA and for your amazing work.

Happy Stitching,


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