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MJ Kinman’s gem quilts sparkle much like the gems she recreates in her quilts. You can read my introduction to her work here.

MJ created a twelve month series of birthstone patterns that capture the essence of each gem. She worked with Paintbrush Studio making fat quarter bundles that capture the essence of each gem.

The patterns use foundation piecing techniques, includes the iron-on templates and full size pattern, giving us everything we need to recreate these magnificent gems.

Foundation piecing assures us of success from the beginning.

I picked my birth month and other colors I love to that make my heart sing. When I piece these they will be made into pillows or a table runner, not quite sure yet. This quilter has a few other things on her plate at the moment, so diving in has been a bit of a challenge.

In the pattern MJ gives a description of the gem, and gives a color chart giving the color name, color code for the pattern, and the Painter’s Palette number (so that getting more of that fabric is simple). A freezer paper pattern to cut apart for easy piecing, and a paper key to aid in putting the gem together. Each pattern has a skill-builder component giving us some insight into construction for this particular gem and with other foundation piecing we work on. The pattern is created in such a way to give us success in piecing.

The Birthstone series is presented in a way that give us plenty of options including creating what MJ calls a “Jewel Box” quilt featuring all twelve months. The finished quilt is 57 x 75, a perfect throw for any sofa. We can make individual gems as gifts for the little ones in our lives, or select the months needed for a special family quilt.

MJ has created the Gem Affiliate Program for teacher certification with options for national, and international teachers. (Scroll down on the page to see the requirements.) This is a great way to get to know the ins/outs of stitching these beautiful gems and insight for teaching them.

Visit MJ on social media here and here.

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