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Gratitude Sunday

We’re eleven days from Thanksgiving. Eleven. Please don’t be shocked by my admission that I had to look this up. These last two weeks have been full and thinking about this particular date is superseded by that fullness. While perusing blogs this morning I read this repost by Cheryl on God’s Grace and Mom’s Alzheimers beginning to think about how thankful I am in this moment and how I would like to carry that forward. I do know the ache of being forgotten by a loved one with dementia or alzheimers, it’s not easy and to you caregivers out there you have my deepest respect and access to my inbox because I will always listen.

As I closed the link, looking at my blog stats I noticed that someone clicked over to Kim Niedzwicki’s site, Go-Go Kim. I’d just been thinking about how much I admire her and love hearing her thoughts on the quilting world, and life in general. She’s astute, funny, and really cares about people. This then led to thinking about Debby Brown, and so many others in this world of quilt making. So many generous people, and how thankful I am for that generosity. I am grateful to Kim Moos of Cotton Cuts, she kind of urged me to go through a door I wasn’t even considering. kal 2 use this one

I am thankful for so many people in the quilting world I could post one, or two a day and never run out of people and opportunities to express my gratitude. Coming home from Quilt Market the well of thankful is overflowing. I’m thankful there is work to do, fabric lines to share, books to review, and a blog hop later this week. I’m thankful just so very thankful for quilting in general and the gift it is in my life.

I’m thankful for the quilters who have influenced and mentored me, helping me to define who I am as a quilter, writer, and all. I’m thankful for all of my students you teach me so much.

I’m grateful to celebrate a half-century of life and more than half of that with my Sweetie. I’m grateful for his love and support just thinking of him stirs my creative soul.

cropped-img_20180514_161406.jpgI’m grateful for Jake’s, “why not?” that led to working with Generation Q Magazine, and Melissa’s amazing editing skills and mentoring, and Tracy’s ideas that generate other ideas that generate other ideas, that led to other ideas.

I’m grateful for the moments when creativity is elusive. Yeah, that’s a hard but necessary one. I’m grateful for those I’ve struggled with because you’ve taught me much about patience, kindness, and generosity. I’m grateful for things I’ve struggled to learn offering me much to teach. I’m grateful for some really dark moments earlier this year. As difficult as they were they allow me to extend grace more fully and with less reservation.

So as I go about this day I’m grateful for where I am, and this particular opportunity. I’ll be stitching my afternoon away and will share pictures over here.

Gratefully yours,


OH and I have my 2019 Word of the Year! Ohhhh it’s a good one.

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