C&T Blog Tour: Sew Kraft-tex Bags

Sew Kraft-tex Bags Tips and Techniques for Working with kraft paper fabric
Betsy LaHonta & Gailen Runge
C&T Publishing
Book $26.95; ebook $21.99
128 Pages

Working with different products is a benefit of being a blogger, and associate editor. While working with Generation Q Magazine made a book using kraft-tex and a stencil or two.

The fun part was figuring out the stitch length that would give me the best results for what I wanted to do.

Each fabric we use in quilting and bag making has its own needs in terms of stitching and in care. Kraft-tex is washable, stitchable, and fun to work with. Betsy and Gailen reimagined, and reworked some of C&T’s favorite bag patterns by adding tips right into the directions. I love the use of arrows and red print pointing to the tips and changes in directions accommodating the Kraft-tex.

There are some really amazing patterns in the book that should cause you to click over to C&T and buy the book, one for you, and one for a friend. I on the other hand needed a case to carry a specific piece of technology so designed a bag using all the tips provided by Betsy and Gailen and my own vivid imagination. Step one use said vivid imagination to make fun designs and stitch them down on larger piece of Kraft-tex. Each piece is cut free-form, and stitched down with Superior’s MicroQuilter 100 weight polyester thread and a Schmetz Chrome Microtex needle. For the interlocking pieces I cut one piece slipping it through the other, placed the opening under the other shape and stitching it down. Once all the shapes were stitched down I quilted it with purple thread.

Once the stitching was complete I chose a binding color and stitched it down. Using the clips made this process easier.

To create the bag I folded the the bottom about 3/4 of the way up, taking a moment to lengthen the stitch length and back stitch to secure the corners. These are places that will take a bit more wear.

To create some depth in the pouch to accommodate the stuff I wanted to put inside I folded the corners and stitched. For this part I used a Schmetz non-stick needle, stitching slowly so as not to damage the bag or the needle.

Next up I added a button closure, stitching the button on with the machine. The only thing I really need to do with this is use a heavier weight thread. 100 weight polyester is a wee bit light for the intended purpose of traveling.

This is so very much fun to make. Gailen and Betsy’s hints made a difference in approaching the bigger seams. Down the road I am making a file folder holder. I have a plan in my head and some Kraft-tex waiting for the time to get the stitching done.

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Of course there’s an opportunity to win an e-book copy of Sew kraft-tex Bags. Let me know what you’d like to try with the Kraft-tex. I’ll choose a winner on March 20, 2019.

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9 thoughts on “C&T Blog Tour: Sew Kraft-tex Bags”

  1. I would like a wallet that would hold my loyalty cards. I haven’t seen a pattern yet. I envisage a long strip with pockets which then folds up to a compact shape held closed with an elastic closure of some kind.

  2. Your bag turned out great. I would be interested in making a bag like that. I would think it should hold up to lots of wear and tear for traveling.

  3. I would like to use craft tex to do some cut away work on the back of a blue jean jacket. Long, luscious feathers stitched free motion with a gorgeous thread, then cut away the denim to reveal the craft tex under neath the inside of the jacket.

  4. I need a large bag in black with an accent color or two. It seems like this product would be just the thing since it would have nice texture.

  5. I would like to make a thin, lightweight wallet that would fit comfortably in the front pant pockets.

  6. I would love to try a book bag, or a traveler’s notebook, abbreviated TN, which is a cover using elastics to slip smaller notebooks into, or back out of, (as a substitute for rings, for example).

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