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Blog Tour: Modern Art Quilts, Sue Bleiweiss

Modern Art Quilts Design, Fuse, & Quilt-as-you-go
Sue Bleiweiss
Stash Books
Book $26.95; e-book $21.99

Books are fascinating things, giving us a glimpse into an area of interest, and into the person writing. Modern Art Quilts: Design, Fuse, & Quilt-as-you-go gives us a bit of insight into Sue’s process for making art quilts using two things I love, fusing, and sketching. Sue makes the sketchbook bit super simple using a black pen, and sometimes color. She does a lot of line drawing to capture the feel of a potential art quilt and to work out some of the details. The sketches aren’t particularly pretty, nor are they finished product. They are ideas that may, or may not, take form in an art piece later on. Sue gives some great tips for choosing sketchbooks depending on how you plan on using it. Best tip: have several sketch books for different things. Through out the projects Sue’s sketches are incorporated so you can see how she goes from concept to finish project.

Fusing designs is the bees knees of the art quilting world. Oh heck it’s the bees knees of the quilting world. Fusing makes applique the best thing since sliced cheese. Sue uses MistyFuse with a pressing sheet to fuse to both the fabric, then to the surface of the quilt. MistyFuse can take higher heat than most other fusible product however it’s important to test things out as any fusible can overheat turning to plastic. While MistyFuse can take higher heat I do tend to use the lower end of the cotton setting.

The cool thing about Modern Art Quilts is the opportunity to take a stroll through the art world, becoming familiar with, then practicing design concepts and making some cool art. No matter what project you choose to prime your art quilterly pump it will take you on an adventure to making quilts that reflect your own personal art quilter style. Okay okay it’ll be kinda messy at first but, there’s nothing in quilting that isn’t messy at first. The point is to have fun, try some new-to-us techniques and create something fun.

Of course there’s a chance to win a copy let me know if you like clowns or not. Yep, I’m serious. Lemme know by Thursday March 7th. If you live outside the US you get a copy of the e-book; inside the US a paperback copy. Thanks for stopping by and remember to visit the other cool peeps on the blog tour:

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19 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Modern Art Quilts, Sue Bleiweiss”

  1. My immediate reaction was, yes, I like clowns. I don’t really think about them much though. Love Sue’s work and have been following her for many years.

  2. I like clowns. Actually my dh really likes them and we have a variety of art in our house that reflects that!

  3. I think it depends on the clowns, some give me the heebie-newbies!!!
    The book looks great.

  4. Ha, ha, such a funny question! I’m not really a fan of clowns. I AM a fan of quilts and you have shown some lovely ones. Thanks for the information about this book, it looks very interesting!

  5. hmm. never really thought whether I’ve liked them. I do not really enjoy the ceramic figurines, I just think they are tacky, but a clown at a fun circus or a party or picnic… I love him/ her!

  6. It depends on the clown. I love the connection that clowns can make with people of all ages.

  7. This book looks like great inspiration to me as I love modern quilt design!
    Clowns? They don’t bother me, but they aren’t something I go looking for either. How’s that for an answer? 🙂
    duchick at gmail dot com

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