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Reminded of a Time When

Sometimes social media reminds me of ”a time when…” something amazing was born from something difficult. Scrolling through my news feed this morning a reminder popped up of a time when as a quilting community we posted regularly on the beauty of other people in the quilting community. I especially appreciated Kim Brunner’s thoughtful posts lifting up other teachers. While the practice of posting these regularly has fallen off it’s good every now and again to spend some time lifting up other quilters, quilting teachers, designers, long arm quilters, home machine quilters, quilt shop owners, fabric designers, notions designers, quilt fiction writers, and the list goes on. Each one of us has a role in the building of the community.

Today I’m sending you over to see Millie Gross’ Instagram. Millie is the East Sales Manager for Northcott Fabrics whom I’m privileged to work with as I do my best to reach out to the shops in New York and New Jersey. Millie is new to Instagram and took to it like a duck to water. When she visits shops she’s gets photos!

Beth Ferrier is someone I’ve long admired in the quilting community. I loved her patterns forever, since the Alex Anderson Message Board days which seems like forever ago. When she accepted my friend request I was kind of giddy. Beth is sometimes a sounding board for this quilter, for which I am grateful.

Debby Brown. Putting words to why this quilter is important in my life, she’s a friend.

Then there are the quilters who follow this blog, and other social media here and here. I’m grateful for you, for the quilt making you do, for the gift of who you are. I love that you quilt and put your work out there for others to see. I love that you give a little piece of your heart, and your self in each work. I love that you try new things.

There are other quilters to lift up like Lynn Krawczyk, Tracy Mooney, Beverly Mabry, Jake Finch, Melissa Thompson Maher, Vivika DeNegre, Renee Fleuragnes-Valdes, Sally Johnson, Dana Jones, Linda Pearl, Judy Damon, Judy Tucker, Diana Louie.

Oh so many quilters.

May your day be filled with quilts and beauty.

3 thoughts on “Reminded of a Time When”

  1. You, my friend, are the ultimate lifter. You have no idea how much you, your smile, your snarky sense of humor, your hugs, your thoughtfulness and most of all, your friendship, have lifted me up when I needed it the most. I am forever grateful.

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