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Reminded of a Time When

Sometimes social media reminds me of ''a time when..." something amazing was born from something difficult. Scrolling through my news feed this morning a reminder popped up of a time when as a quilting community we posted regularly on the beauty of other people in the quilting community. I especially appreciated Kim Brunner's thoughtful posts… Continue reading Reminded of a Time When

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Perhaps, to think, to quilt

Yesterday I watched Mad Men marathon style. This is a fascinating fictional show telling the story of a¬†Madison Avenue advertising firm, it's growth and changes over the years as they compete for ads and work towards becoming a powerhouse in the market. Historically accurate or not it is a well told story with characters that… Continue reading Perhaps, to think, to quilt

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One of my very favorite moments in life is meeting other quilters that I've gotten to know through their blogs, facebook, message boards, magazines, fabric lines that I love. . . whatever. I love these moments, while the person is real they become real in my life, taking on dimension and personality - becoming who… Continue reading Compensation