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A visit to the Wadsworth Athaneum

The last time I posted about the Wadsworth Athaneum I was in a different decade of my life. Going on Saturday with my sisters and mum was rather delightful.

My sister K contemplating unknown title
Waisted Talent
Unruly Thread
Spitting Image
Sentinel Madonnas

Emily Mae Smith Matrix 181 Exhibit. From Brooklyn and someone I’d love to get insider her head. Her work is fascinating and worthy of staring at for long periods of time.

Sean Scully

Sean Scully is featured in three galleries on the second and third level.

For a fleeting moment the thought that I know absolutely nothing about color and what the heck am I doing writing anything about color. I stopped right there recognizing that Sean had to practice, and experiment, and learn. That moment of doubt nearly had me writing to scrap the book.

There are subtleties in each piece created by the horizon lines and use of color. The photos do not do these images justice.

Art is first and foremost a way of communication with another person. A way of engaging in conversation. The use of color holds within it the subtleties of language and dialect within that language. Some will understand without the need to use words; some will walk away confused; some will ponder, stare in wonder and listen for the gift of what happens next.

I’m hoping to see this exhibit again on my next trip to the museum in May. We need to pick a date.

What artists inspire you?
Do you know how to use their work as a source of inspiration?

Happy Stitching!


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