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Coming Up

The next few weeks are full. I’m on the road visiting shops in Western NY, more on those in a couple of weeks. There are a couple of quilt shows I’m working on going to so I can see a few of my shops. First up the Northern Star Quilt Show this weekend. Happy 40th show! This says a lot about the guild and their membership to have this kind of staying ability. This ability lasted through a change in venue which, as you know, is rough on any venture. May you have an ever growing membership and a show for many years.

The next show is QuiltFest in Lancaster. This is a change in venue and date for this show. This is Mother’s Day weekend so the show ends on Saturday May 11th.

I’m also on the final push for writing the BOOK. I submitted the rough draft a couple of weeks ago and have the notes back from the development editor. I have a good amount of quilting to do. To say I’m a bit freaked out would be a bit of an understatement. I’m realizing a long held and long talked of dream. I’ve been talking about writing a book for years and had to give up publishing the first one because of the hours of work at the time. The decision to not move forward with the book was gut-wrenching adding to the already overwhelming sense of failure in my life in that moment. Being in a weirdly creatively dry time didn’t help either.

Oh good golly I could go dwell there right now. Gah! But I’m not going to.

I’m going to go to I’m right here, right now, working and writing and being present to my shops and thinking and stitching. While I had this moment of utter panic last weekend realizing that while I’m writing on a specific subject that I still have so much to learn about that I have the opportunity to learn and grow in it. And more I have the opportunity to teach what I do know. And that dear friends is an honor and a privilege.

Quilt Market is very soon. I’ll be working in the Northcott Booth 2224 on Friday and Saturday and walking the show on Sunday. I’m traveling with Debby Brown. Check out Debby’s fb live where I made a guest appearance. We’ll be at School House and there are already a few I know I want to go to, one is for a Banyan Batik’s line by author Patience Griffin called Kilts and Quilts. It’s pretty amazing and I mean pretty and amazing.

I’ve gotta hit the road!

Happy Quilting!


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