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Good Morning!

It’s Monday, the start of a great week. I’m heading home from beautiful Kansas City this afternoon. Sometimes really cool conversations happen at Market. I loved each one of those conversations.

When signing in to get my Media Badge I gave my title as Chief Creative Weirdo. Rhianna changed my name tag to reflect my title. This fits the eclectic way I get to live this quilting life. While at Market I am media, teacher, and sales rep for two different companies. So this fits.

I loved working in the Northcott booth for two days, working with customers is so fun and a lot of work. Each person needs to know that I’m listening to them and making suggestions for how they can use different things in their shops.


Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero has a new digital panel with Hoffman Fabrics. Dream Big Leaf comes in six different color ways and offers new quilters lots of lines to stitch on. When I started quilting for Jeanie years ago I stitched around every single line on one of the kaleidoscoped feathers. If you have her Kaleidoscope Creator print feathers onto fabric and stitch around them. By the time you’re done you’ll have sixteen new ways of stitching out feathers on any quilts.

After hemming and hawing a bit I subscribed to American Quilt Retailer. I’ve long admired Heidi Kaisand, pretty much since her days with American Patchwork & Quilting. Heidi gave the keynote address at the beginning of International Quilt Market (which I missed) however there is a special edition called Disrupt the Mountain that I’ll be giving to a shop sometime in the next few weeks as I travel. Heidi owns a shop and retreat center as well as publishing American Quilt Retailer.

There are more great new fabric lines that i’ll be sharing with you over the next several weeks including some lines from Northcott and Benartex. Joan Hawley has some new Lazy Girl Designs bags that I’m going to get my hot little hands on. I love her stuff ever so much.

Happy Quilting,

PS Debby Brown and I are currently stuck in Kansas City waiting to see if we’ll actually get a flight out tonight. We’re having a bit of fun on Instagram.

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