My Quilt Market is Complete

Today Quilt Market officially opens. Yay!!! I’m in the Northcott booth, 522, today. I have appointments with some of my shops, however stop by and see what we’ve got going on. Patience Griffin, Tiffany Hayes and other cool celebs will be there promoting their lines. I’ll get a photo of the quilt I made with Tiffany’s line Sazerac with Banyan Batiks. Sooo amazing!

The more I know about the quilting world, there more there is to learn.

Based on Elizabeth Rosenbergs work

There is always something to learn. From techniques for my craft, something interesting about fabric, or something essential to the business of quilting there is always something to learn. There are a couple of components to this 1) a willingness to learn which includes the willingness to make mistakes, skin your knees and get back up and try again. If I’d stepped away from all of this the first time I mishandled a rotary cutter or stitched through my finger I’d have missed a lot of great moments and more great people; 2) a willingness to keep moving forward when the chips are completely down, this part though is all relational and I wouldn’t be in this moment without the amazing help of really good friends who supported me through some really tough things. I got to introduce Elizabeth Rosenberg to several friends yesterday. Elizabeth is the quilter who taught Renee who said, “Elizabeth said this and Elizabeth said that” that I took home and tweaked my quilting. I don’t do what Elizabeth does because Elizabeth is Elizabeth and I’m Teri but her influence remains as part of the core of what I do as a quilter. Click here to read in interview with her.

The rest of the day had these really beautiful moments, a couple of deep conversations that held these little gems, these heart-givings that made Market. The rest is a bonus.

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  1. So true about getting back up after skinning your knees. . .or after having an unpleasant experience in the studio! Enjoy market and keep on being Teri!

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