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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for

And now you have an ear worm too.

When I started quilting in 1993 the space and equipment for quilting were very different. I’d set my sewing machine on the dining room table when I could, I used templates made of plastic marked with permanent markers, and whatever fabric I could find, including from the big box store. I thought hand quilting needles would last forever, until I bent one nearly in half while hand quilting one day, in the middle of taking a stitch. Extracting that needle from the quilt was something I don’t ever want to repeat.

Over time we added, my Sweetie is an excellent table hunter, an farm style dining room table, a vintage 50’s table both have outlived their usefulness, a wire metal rack for storing stuff, and an Ikea shelving unit perfect for storing fabric.

I just wanna quilt

You may remember my writing that I’m a Short, Fat Quilter some time ago. I am five feet tall, which in quilter terms is 1 2/3’s yards, which is rather handy by the way when showing people the length or width of a quilt or how much yardage they’ll need. This also means that standard height often feels a bit awkward to me when sitting and quilting, cutting, and pressing fabric. So when visiting a local quilt shop the other day and speaking with the owners I made that point a couple of times. I would like to quilt at a height that is easier on my shoulders, so want my elbows at something of a 90 degree angle when I sit at the table.

I’m looking at either the Horn Model 8080 Sewing Cabinet which has this sweet thread rack and machine lift. The height is 29 3/4” which will work.

The other I’m considering is the Koala Artisan Design Pro. I mean look at those drawers. WOW. It’s 29 1/4 high so, hmmm how important is that half inch. We all know in piecing that can make a big difference.

Most of this will depend on the size of my studio and some planning that needs to happen. Like having enough space for books and books! I have a lot of quilt books. And thread.

This afternoon at 2:30 PM Central I’ll be on the C&T Facebook page for a live event. Monday starts the full on book tour with facebook live on TerifiCreations and then a blog hop with:

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