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This week, Next week, and Fear

Wow, there are moments when things simply get away from you. I have some fun stuff coming up that I want to share with you. But first


Please allow me to state up front that there are different types of fear, the one I’m going to speak of here pertains to our work as quilt makers and artist types rather than the debilitating fear that is a result of mental illness, or concerns for our personal safety and health. I will lean into how we speak to ourselves for this sometimes exacerbates our fears, and while this sometimes needs therapy, sometimes it needs a perspective shift, or another viewing point.
It’s good to acknowledge what is behind the fear:
will someone make an awful comment about your work
are you afraid of making a mistake someone will notice
are you fearful that the quilt will win a ribbon, or not win a ribbon
are you afraid of doing good quilting work
are you afraid of using the wrong color, or fabric or both
are you afraid of doing something that will damage your machine
are you afraid of some quilter sharing your work, making snarky comments

So here’s my new perspective, walk with fear, let the fear give you information. Acknowledge the fear, essentially taking it’s power to rule over you, walk with it and do what you want. There is a very real possibility that it won’t work, or be successful, this time. Perhaps next time. Or the one after that.
Did you know that Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon is my third proposal, and first finish? There were some life circumstances that prevented me from finishing the first book, the second proposal wasn’t accepted, and well we all can see what happened here.

So upcoming events:
Thursday July 23, 2:30 PM Central Time Facebook Live on C&T Publishing’s page.
Monday July 27, 4:00 Central Facebook Live on TerifiCreations This is launching the blog hop for the book.
Tuesday July 28 through Monday August 3 (Not Sunday Aug 2) is the book tour that includes Teresa Coates, Scott Hansen, Melissa Thompson Maher, Michael Miller, Jenny K Lyon, Linda Pearl. I’ll post the official dates tomorrow.

I sometimes wondered if I’d ever meet these goals. Would I ever make it through the fear? And the answer is yes, I did. You can too, let’s do this together.

Happy Stitching,

1 thought on “This week, Next week, and Fear”

  1. I think we need to ignore some of the fear and embrace more curiosity! Try different things/techniques and explore other ways to bring a vision to life. I live by the ‘what if’ while I play… sometimes it works out and sometimes I learn… either way its a win!

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