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Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Blog Tour – the next day

Oh wow, do you know when a quilt feels like yesterday and it’s not, it’s three years ago! W O W. I remember making this quilt and going for some particular feel of quirkiness. I’m pretty sure I unlocked quirky there. What I loved about Susan’s Hello! fabric line with Michael Miller Fabrics is the entire panel of letters with which we could write words as though torn from the pages of some magazine in a clandestine way. Okay not clandestine but at least fun.

Before I go on, I invite you to watch Pokey Bolton talk with Carolie Hensley who, with her husband, founded C&T Publishing. Okay, I can’t say more…

ooh how color plays!

We manage to at least see each other during each Quilt Market. For the last year or so while I worked as a sale rep, Susan flew into NY City regularly and we’d manage to miss each other by a mere day or a couple of days. What I really appreciate about Susan is she’s really skilled, from designing patterns, and engaging people to designing fabric, and running a full-on business. Having lunch her at Market, and in part of the conversation getting a yes to fabric for the book was one highlight. The rest of the conversation, well, what happens at Market stays at Market. Sometimes. Oh wait, that kind of, well, yeah but, uh.

So over on the Michael Miller blog Susan’s going to talk a bit about Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon. As the author I’m really fascinated by quilters response to what they’re reading, and what makes an impression for them. As you’ll read Susan mentions our conversation while having lunch. In the book I do speak of the relationships of color, you know the neighbors across the street, and the neighbors on either side of that neighbor bringing some sparkle and shine to the party. Woot!

In the middle of making the Quilt inspired by the Sunset

I mentioned in my Facebook Live on TerifiCreations that I sent Susan a list of color names/numbers, giving myself some options for the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, and brown impractical color wheels. There are more fabrics at somewhere in the storage that are waiting to become impractical color wheels, or some other project that I’m thinking about.

While I’m hoping to have lunch with Susan, we all know it’ll be a while before it happens again. So while we’re waiting for the opportunity let’s offer two prizes today:

A fat quarter bundle from Michael Miller Fabrics – courtesy Rob Appell

Copyright C&T Publishing Used with Permission

Prize two is a Studio Color Wheel by Joen Wolfrom. This is one of the most helpful tools in my quilt room. I’ll be choosing a winner on or about August 7, 2020
Please visit Susan for an opportunity to win an e-book and:

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