Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Blog Tour – Linda Pearl

photo by Bonnie McCaffrey

The last time I got to talk to Linda (link is to an interview with her) in person was about this time last year when I went to a quilt show to track down one of my customers. Having half an hour to talk with her was the bonus of the day. There are so many things we might have covered in that moment it’s hard to say what we spoke of.

Linda‘s friendship is like that quilt you pick up and drape across your legs to keep warm, it’s comforting and accessible. We’ve had long conversations, and we’ve had brief intense conversations. In the quilting world Linda provides the backbone, structure, and fills in the gaps. She’s a solid part of the support system working with people on social media, and more. Quiltingly she has an style that, like so many of us, has morphed over the years as we have come into our own and our style developed.

Linda is hosting a Facebook Live at on her One Quilting Circle page to talk about the book. So check her page to see the time. In the meantime head on over to each of the other bloggers to win an e-book and :

7/27 Teri Lucas Facebook Live event
7/28 Melissa Thompson Maher Generation Q Magazine
7/29 Susan Emory
7/30 Jenny K Lyon
7/31 Teri Lucas
8/1 Paula Reid battsintheattic.com
8/3 Teresa Coates
8/4 Scott Hansen
8/5 Linda Pearl
8/6 Teri Lucas

and remember to comment here for a chance to win an e-book and a Color Wheel from C&T

Tomorrow we get to wrap up this blog tour.
Stay tuned!
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3 thoughts on “Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Blog Tour – Linda Pearl”

  1. I love the look of the color wheel. I’m also intrigued about quilting with abandon. You are very fortunate to meet such wonderful people as Linda. It’s nice to hear good things about others.

  2. It is always so interesting to see how a quilter’s work had changed over time. My first one would not have looked near as awful if today’s wonderful fabrics had been available back in the 1970s.

  3. All week long I’ve been seeing color wheels in action, and thinking I need to add one to my quilting “tool belt”. Thanks for the chance to win a color wheel…or the motivation to get busy and buy one if I am not the lucky winner. Because how many times can I get the same message from the quilting universe?

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