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Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Blog Tour: Scott Hansen

I met Scott Hansen of Blue Nickels Studios when I joined the Generation Q Magazine crew. Scott was our Community Editor, aka talent scout, and I the blogger. Scott also designed for us regularly. A unique style and quirky sensibilities sum up the person of Scott, while in some sense lacking in the attempt. He’s also designed two lines of batiks with Banyan Batiks that have really cool backstories to them. I think my favorite is Ocean Park as Scott and I had a long conversation about one of the characters, a curmudgeonly sort of gentleman who belted out with great gusto, “Get off my lawn!” to the kids visiting Ocean Park that summer.

I think my favorite quilt of Scott’s is titled “Christmas 1964” reminding my of the Christmases from when I lived in Las Vegas having a tinsel tree rather than the evergreen of later childhood. It’s a fascinating thing when a quilt evokes that kind of memory.

Scott nods to our shared stylistic history, and brings a fresh take on that look into being, there’s a fearlessness in his quilt designs that makes me think, and has me wondering can I design that in EQ? How would I write that pattern?

From Scott’s First Line!

I wondered what would speak to Scott’s in the reading of Color, Thread, & Free-Motion Quilting. He admittedly quilts by check, a perfectly valid way of quilting by my estimation and I know a lot of quilters who do darned good work. What I wondered, seriously, is if there would be something that would speak to his passionate, quirky (compliment!) quilterly ways. The subtitle caught his attention, Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon. Then he says, “And Teri’s simply Mad Crazy talent at wordplay slays me throughout each section of the colors:” then he quotes my Ode to Blue. We are quilters at our very core, color is our palate, and here in these impractical color wheels we get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of it simply being color. Writing to the color, having a conversation with it was something that happened as I got to that part of the book. Thank you Scott, you make my world quite a bit greater.

Remember to visit each of the other blogs for an opportunity to win an e-book. I’m giving away two sets of Batt Scooters! So leave a comment and let me know your favorite color and/or ice cream.

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