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Quilters Project Planner Social Media Tour

UPDATE: From a Random Drawing the winner is #42 Laurie. Congratulations!
Welcome to the:

I am a journal keeper from a long time back alternately documenting life, processing information and praying. Just before leaving NY most were shredded. I spent some time reading before shredding but most of them just gone.
image courtesy C&T Publishing

Over the years I’ve used a variety of planners to help keep me on the straight and narrow. Some planners work better than others, and all planners work well, when we work them. Just like machine quilting, a lot of it is a matter of finding the tools that work best for us, and taking the time to use the tools. As a quilter this process of finding the right tools is on-going as new threads, machines, and notions are developed for our use. There’s also the whole process of finding our style and voice.

One of the things that I’ve discovered that I love is the feel of a pen in my hand, and thoughts running from my brain to said pen. A pen or pencil slows down the thinking process just enough that the words come out in order, the right order. An order that makes sense to me later on when I go to looking for that idea I had seven months ago that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I also like pretty things, or things that inspire, or keep the inspiration moving forward.
Track your progress in a variety of ways

And then C&T offered the Quilter’s Project Planner: Everything you Need to Dream, Plan & Organize 12 Quilts, $19.95. Essentially one quilt a month for a year, so yeah, there’s a 2-page 12-month calendar that had room to make simple notes, or a list to check off as you go. Like any good planner there is an expanded calendar to make slightly more detailed notes. A bit of a Dot or Bullet Journal. There’s space to track progress on each project, and place to play, doodle, practice quilting motifs, or keep a simple list of thread colors. The planning pages for each project offer great space for tracking all the details for each project from Quilt Name, to blocks used, sizes and more. Each new 4-page project space is a different color, which flows through the book for consistency. Did I mention it’s pretty? And did I mention the quilts gracing the pages between the sections? The final two sections are information we want to keep at hand: contacts and quilt making related information. The Quilter’s Project Planner is just the right size to put into our back pack or purse and take with us when we’re shopping.

Now you might be wondering, or not how a machine quilter who focuses on the decorative stitching for the purposes of creating line and design, and shaping the overall look of a quilt use such a Planner? Well, lemme show ya. Start with the gallery above showing the beginnings of Project 1, also known as Dream Big, or Split Complimenterity Redux, or I’ll find a really good name for it later.

On the pages I’ll be able to document the thread I use, along with batting, hours stitching, and important progress. The beauty of any planner is we can use the features that make the most sense for us and take advantage of the space we don’t use to doodle, practicing motifs, or track needle & thread pairings, think about thread weight and color.

Watch these pages for more notes and project planning. Things have been running through my head at lightening speed over the last several weeks while my focus has been preparation for my episode of the Quilt Show, and actively preparing to move into our new home. More on that and organizing my temporary and then permanent home studio.

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Of course there’s a chance to win a copy of the Quilter’s Planner (limited to those in the U.S. sorry) please let me know what the most unusual flavor of ice cream you’ve ever consumed by Thursday 9/17, I’ll draw a winner on the 18th. Thanks for joining all of us and get ready to get your planner!

190 thoughts on “Quilters Project Planner Social Media Tour”

  1. Planners are helpful and your comment about putting the pen to paper slows the thoughts is spot on! I had bacon ice cream. . .it was good. In France, I had cottage cheese ice cream which was delicious. Who knew??? The mantra that bacon is good with everything sure held true with the ice cream. The cottage cheese ice cream trumped the bacon ice cream though!

  2. I had chocolate with hot chili gelato. It was delicious. Chocolate with a kick at the end. Also, Mississippi State University has Muscadine Ripple in their ice cream shop, which is odd because it tastes a little bit like wine, but it grows on you.

  3. I think Superman is right up there with unusual flavors! My kids’ mouths were always such a sight afterwards!

  4. The most unusual flavor of ice Cream I’ve eaten was avocado chocolate chip. Jury is still out on whether or not I really liked it. It was good but definitely not as good as super vanilla and chocolate swirl!

  5. Not much of an ice cream fanatic but do love flavored ice. Had one called Summer Beer (I think)-butterscotch flavor. Very sweet but good.
    Looks like a great planner. Sure need something to keep me focused. I have too many UFOs because I start something new. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  6. If you’re ever able to go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California…you just gotta TRY the Garlic Ice Cream! I know…yuck…at first…but think caramelized onion…sweet, was really a great surprise!

  7. Nothing usual for me. LOL I love vanilla and fudge swirl. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful planner

  8. Guess I am pretty tame when it comes to unusual ice creams. The only one that vomes to mind is Funky Monkey and Caribou. Loved both of them. My body prefers coconut milk ice cream and unfortunately I have only found a couple flavors of that. But they are pretty hood also. Especially with the coconut undertaste.

  9. The most unusual flavor of ice cream I’ve enjoyed is Red Chile Pinon Nut. This planner looks like just the tool I need to get on track, stay focused, and complete my projects.

  10. I think bacon-flavored ice cream was the most unusual for me. Otherwise, I love anything chocolate or with chocolate chunks and nuts in it. Great review of the book. I think I might need SEVERAL to keep track of all of my projects!

  11. Nothing really unusual, but I did try Raspberry and Lavender with Mascarpone. That was interesting. Other than that, Blueberry ice cream with real wild Alaskan blueberries.

  12. The most unusual ice cream I have had is Black Walnut Caramel. It wasn’t too bad as I was expecting the Black Walnut flavor to be strong but it wasn’t. Thanks for the wonderful give away!

  13. The planner looks wonderful! Most unusual ice cream was chocolate dill pickle-I like both but not together and not in ice cream!

  14. Sea salt ice cream at Murphy’s Ice Cream in Dublin/Killarney, Ireland – and combined with Irish coffee ice cream (which had Irish whiskey in it) – to die for!!!

  15. I usually don’t plan the quilts I make too far in advance, but this planner looks like a good idea! Once when I was a child, I had Rum Raisin ice cream. It was awful and my mother finished it!

  16. Pickled Mango……while it sounds absolutely dreadful, it was actually tasty, if you like pickled food.

  17. This planner looks awesome. I’m not too adventurous when it comes to ice cream. Moose Tracks ice cream when I need a chocolate fix and Vanilla Bean otherwise.

  18. reading the question just had my mouth start watering for chocolate milky way ice cream, so gooey and chocolaty.

  19. I love ice cream but haven’t really tried any strange stuff. I guess Phish Food by Ben & Jerry as it has chocolate fish in it.

  20. I’m always game for a different ice cream. The most unusual was Beer Ice Cream in Regensburg, Germany. I won’t have to try it again!

  21. I don’t know that I’ve ever had any ice cream that was especially unusual. I’d have to go with Neapolitan. I’m not sure they make it any more, but it was a combination of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream and I don’t like chocolate ice cream, so I always tried to get my share out of the other 2 stripes.

  22. The flavor of ice cream I miss from childhood is chocolate marshmallow (no nuts like rocky road). Unusual for me was fresh coconut ice cream in Martinique, very good for one who doesn’t like coconut.

  23. I’m not into trying strange flavors in ice cream like pickles or such. I’ll stick with home made peach, or vanilla/chocolate, or blackberry. But I love the idea of staying organized with my quilting – I need lots of help with that part, LOL.

  24. The planner looks like a great tool. The most unusual, maybe butter pecan, not sure, I just love plain old chocolate and vanilla and strawberry….

  25. The most unusual ice cream was when my daughter made me an everything sweet Sunday bowl. It had mint chocolate chip ice cream, candy bars of all sorts, gummys, 2 kinds of syrup, nuts, cherries, whip cream, gram crackers, marshmallows, and I forget what else she put in it. She was 7 at the time and very independent. The kitchen was a mess but it was the best memories.

  26. The new planner is certainly Not Vanilla! Most unusual flavor was a Ben and Jerry’s that had caramel and potato chips, yum. Not so unusual. Most unusual pairing was had at the Olive Bin where they let you sample flavored Balsamic vinegars over vanilla ice cream. This sounds odd but it is delicious.

  27. Ice cream? All flavors are good. I did run into baloney ice cream once but didn’t order it; instead I ate peanut butter – yum

  28. Hello! My most unusual flavor is Ube – it is a beautiful deep purple blue color from the sweet potato used in it. It is vegan with coconut milk and very tasty indeed! I have also had green tea ice cream ( very yummy) and red bean ice cream ( good too but not my favorite!). Hoping this may tickle your fancy!! Please enter me to win the quilters project planner too!

  29. What fun to read everyone’s responses! I unfortunately am not a fan of ice cream. I am the odd man out in my family. I just enjoy a beverage while they enjoy their ice cream.

  30. Sorry, I don’t eat ice cream but I do eat “nice” cream made with frozen banana and fruit. Not very unusual, but different!

  31. I used to own a Baskin Robbins so I’ve tasted a lot of ice cream! One of the most unusual was actually a sorbet, Daiquiri Ice. Yummy!

  32. Huckleberry ice cream it was great. The planner would be helpful getting organized. Comments were fun to read.

  33. Most unusual flavor for an ice cream was Peanut Butter and Jelly – verdict is still out. Would love being able to organize my quilty projects!

  34. I also had Bubblegum ice cream but it has been many years ago. There was an ice cream shop in Hayward, CA that we would stop at on the way home from the dentist in San Mateo, as we lived in Walnut Creek, so it was a nice treat.

  35. Thanks for all those great tips . I write everything down and I have To agree with you when you’re writing things down it does slow the process the thought process down and that something I have been working on my whole life my most unusual flavor of ice cream or coffee now you may say that’s not an unusual flavor well it is for somebody that hates coffee I’ve had 3 cups my entire life and 62 1/2 almost 3 more days I’ll be exactly 6 2 1/2 anyway so I decided to try coffee ice cream for me it was very unusual and I also didn’t like it at all I don’t know how people can drink coffee I don’t know how people can eat coffee ice cream I’m very traditional if I had black raspberry ice cream and orange sherbet I like the two flavors my entire life I just recently branched out to Eadies slow churned turkeyMoose tracks totally addicting OK so now I want ice cream have a great day

  36. Most unusual ice cream: from a family owned roadside stand associated with their dairy farm. Ginger it was an experimental flavor filled with grated fresh ginger, so much ginger my scoop of hard ice cream appeared hairy. So spicy it was painfully delicious.

  37. I’m not that adventurous, I only go for tried and true favors! Mint chocolate chip is my favorite! Wish I could say I tried something unusual, but I can’t!

  38. I think I need this planner. I write my ideas and measurements on scraps of paper and then spend valuable time looking for them. Most unusual ice cream? Michigan Pot Hole!! Very dark and chocolatey – Michiganders understand pot holes!!

  39. Recently tried Mermaid Ice Cream..Grangirlie’s choice…she loved it…Papa & I didn’t…toooooo sweet lol Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-away too 😀

  40. The most unusual ice cream I had was bubblegum. When my children were young they liked it so I tried it once. It was okay, but if I’m going to eat ice cream (and all the calories that go with it) I want it to be be something I love. My favorites are coconut and Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

  41. It’s probably not very unusual but this past weekend I had Birthday Cake flavor at the beach and it was so pretty with sprinkles in it and tasted yummy too! Who am I kidding, every ice cream tastes yummy!

  42. Can’t say that I eat unusual ice cream (I’m really a chocolate girl, or vanilla with chocolate syrup)
    I have tasted black licorice though. One taste was enough.

  43. I’m a picky eater, so this won’t be exotic. Birthday Cake ice cream was the most unusual for me to eat/try.

  44. The planner looks very handy. I’m really a vanilla with chocolate sprinkles kind of girl…not very adventurous!

  45. I’m pretty plain in the ice cream department. York peppermint patty ice cream is the most unusual. I’m a mint chocolate chip fan.

  46. I am not a good journal writer; not sure but that this might actually work for me.
    My most unusual flavor of ice cream: Plum Wine Ice Cream – yummy!

  47. I had Spumoni ice cream years ago, a combination of chocolate, pistachio, and cherry with some other fruits and nuts thrown in!

  48. I used to work in ice cream stores. I don’t like crazy flavors, but a local shop made Margaret’s carnival named after my daughter. Cream ice cream colored sprinkles and gum balls. Yuck!

  49. my husband loves licorice ice cream and bubble gum ice cream mixed together with caramel sauce on top. I tried a bite, once. I didn’t like it, but it is the most unusual flavor I have had.

  50. I usually stick with chocolate, but Rocky Road and Mexican Fried ice cream are favorites when I want to branch out! 😂

  51. I love ice cream but I do not venture into the exotic flavors. I am partial to coconut ice cream and indulge whenever I can find it.

  52. I liked Tillamook Mudslide, but it’s probably not as unusual as others. I’m not too adventurous when it comes to choosing, since I love ice cream and don’t want to waste it on something I won’t like. Chocolate with stuff in it usually wins.

  53. The most unusual ice cream I’ve had is when we ad 5 different flavors in our upright freezer. Not enough of one to make a bowl but put them all together and it became a very interesting treat!

  54. I have to admit to being rather traditional in my ice cream flavor choices. I like anything with a vanilla base and nuts. Butter Pecan is my traditional favorite, but flavors like White Chocolate Turtle and Peanut Butter Cup are right up there! Can’t say that I’ve ever eaten anything more unusual than that.

  55. I can’t think of anything crazy I’ve had. Maybe lavender ice cream? It was really good but a little like eating soap….

  56. I took vanilla ice cream and added a heaping tablespoon of cacao (NOT COCOA) powder. Carefully smash ice cream with a spoon into the cacao and stir until It is absorbed. It becomes the most intense chocolate flavor and the consistency of a very, very thick milkshake, but requires a spoon.

  57. Bubblegum. I think it actually had pieces if gum in the ice cream. Thank you for this giveaway.

  58. I haven’t delved too much into ice cream flavor beyond chocolate moose tracks I guess. My biggest stretch I would say is fried ice cream and it was delicious.

  59. My most unusual is also my favorite, but I haven’t found this flavor anywhere recently — black licorice

  60. White Lightning made by Perry’s……a rich, deep chocolate, laced with white, mint flavor. YUM!!

  61. The most unusual was pineapple ice cream at the Dole Plantation on Oahu. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

  62. Most unusual ice cream flavor, I guess, would be Chocolate/Red Velvet Cake. Was alright but not my favorite.

  63. Documenting my sewing projects is what I really need to do and this planner would take care of that! I don’t like rhubarb, but I did enjoy a scoop of rhubarb ice cream one year at our local farmer’s market. I think it’s the pink and slimy look that mostly turns me off, but the ice cream part hid it for me!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  64. I’m not to adventurous with ice cream … probably the most uncommon one I’ve tried is Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

  65. I love icecream, but am unable to eat it anymore. I have enjoyed some nondairy ones recently, and I suppose Snickerdoodle is the most unusual one I can come up with!

  66. I’m not much of an adventuress when it comes to ice cream, but there was one I ate that was blue and purple once that had a very strange taste!

    Jenny in Florida

  67. The most unusual ice cream I have had was at Izzy’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis. It was basil! I really liked it!

  68. Moose Jaw —- chunks of chocolate and nuts in vanilla ice cream — not so very unusual, but a creative name {-)

  69. Thanks for the chance to win a planner. Green tea ice cream was tasty but my favorite is peppermint stick!

  70. Here in Portland, OR, Salt and Straw is known for making lots of unusual flavors of ice cream–most of which are absolutely delicious, but the most unusual flavor of ice cream I ever had was when I was a kid in Southern California when I used to love eating black licorice ice cream.

  71. BLUE MOON ice cream is sweet and delicious, sort of cream and mildly citrus-y? Or a berry? I don’t know but there are many descriptions and treasure hunts to find the “secret recipe.” A Michigan classic just like Superman ice cream which is just as delicately sweet!

  72. I’m pretty simple when it comes to ice cream and i don’t like trying new things. Chocolate is my go to flavor.

  73. I had ice cream made from green curry with a spicy Thai red sauce. Very Christmasy looking. Taste was just ok, though.

  74. I can’t say that there is an ice cream flavor that I have not liked although I am not a fan of big pieces of fruit in my ice cream.

  75. I had Crazy Ice Cream this summer with my grandkids (multi color mainly blue) and it did not taste good. I think I will just stick with black walnut ice cream.

  76. I don’t know about unusual, but the old Gibson’s store back in the day sold the best pistachio ice cream.

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