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Did you know

A couple of months ago Michele Muska of Oliso Fame introduced me to the effervescent Brandy Maslowski the Quilter on Fire. This name is representative of her work as a quilter and as a firefighter. And her work, WOW. Our conversation was thoughtful and fun.

I am looking forward to sharing the interview with you and listening to it myself. I don’t know about you but I always thinky my voice sounds weird and I’m totally awkward. There will be a prize! I’m sending some things to Canada, so be sure to tune in to the podcast that will release August 3rd.

Back in December C&T approached me about creating on-line courses, for the second time. The first time was right in the middle of the Second Big Move of 2020. As a way of supporting and guiding several teachers through the process of creating this online content we had weekly meetings with other authors and teachers to work through the beginnings from creating a course outline to finding equipment that will work for each of us. It’s a learning curve for sure. I just purchased a second camera so that I can shoot machine quilting with the goal of being able to see the hand movements and the actual stitching. I’ve submitted for one class and have two more in my head that I need to create the course outline and submit. Whew.

In our weekely meeting we got to congratulate Valerie Goodwin! Her first class is up.

LAUNCHED!!! Introducing a brand new workshop! “Mapping Personal Places” with Valerie Goodwin.  Transform the places you love—and places you’ve always imagined or wanted to see—into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Award-winning artist Valerie Goodwin shows you how to make quilted maps with easy fabric collage techniques and innovative designs based on maps of your favorite places.   @creativesparkonlinelearning  @valeriegoodwinart

The bonus for me is that within the next few days one of Valerie’s quilts will be under my needle getting a wee tiny nip of thread added and I’ll be recording this for a class. How’s that for a teaser.

Next week I’ll share with you the classes I’m teaching at Houston and Road to California. Rumor has it there’ll be a Road to CA interview sometime soon. Dates soon.

For now I’m going to go plan, plan, plan because I’ve got quilts to make and quilt and so many books to sell. Got yours?

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