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A Coffee Story

Oh Good Morning Friends. I have a coffee story for you, but first it’s a Quilt & Tell Podcast kind of day. The other day Tracy posted this

on her Instagram page, and includes an email address to let Golden Peak Media know in part what we love about Quilt & Tell but also that we want more episodes. In listening to this podcast I had a couple of Yes! this moments. I’ve shared here in these pages that I think something is shifting in my own creativity. If recent conversations are any indication I’ve got some quilting and work to do. This is NOT an intentional tease as I really want to share this with you.

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a Coffee Mishap that’s worthy of sharing. Last night I went to bed later than intended. I was simply not ready to go to sleep. Gah! it’s frustrating in and of itself because we all know that good sleep and creativitity go hand in hand, or is it lack of sleep and creativity. Debatable that one. Also of the two of us I have the better hearing. Just after midnight I’m hearing something and can’t quite figure out what it is, annoying right. I sit up in bed and I’m realizing it’s in the kitchen. Mind you I have NO idea what this sound is! I go out there and the coffee is BREWING. At Midnight. Brewing and the lid is not down so how all of this is working for the coffee to end up in the carafe is beyond me! Friends this is a Triple Coffee Mishap. First it’s brewing after midnight, second the lid is open, and third I will try to save this pot of coffee.

So now it’s wait until the coffee finishes brewing, I get more water, grind more beans without waking himself up (oh yeah he won’t hear anything!) and go back to bed. I also grabbed all the insulated hot cups and poured some coffee into each one nearly emptying the pot, at 12:30 this morning. Here I am thinking these insulated cups will keep the coffee for at least five to six hours while I get some sleep. Oh goodness was I wrong. Trying to save the coffee did not work. So I’m now drinking the second pot of coffee first today. Oh gosh I don’t even know if that makes sense.

Today is prep work day for a couple of things. I’m doing a refresh on the Tutorials and Helpfufl Hints page that makes it a bit cleaner and easier to read. There’s an interview tomorrow afternoon I’ll let you know when that drops. Now’s the time to sign up for classes at my local quilt shop, Poppy Quilt N Sew. I’ll be teaching at in October at both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. Part of this is with Threads of Success.

Now that the coffee is kicking in, YAY! I need to go eat and shower and hopefully get my video camera to record today and take less than 2 hours to shoot 2 minutes of video.

Happy Stitching,


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